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The Cold Shoulder Top Is Here to Stay

Hey Y'all! Hope you're all psyched for this Hump Day! I know I am, because tomorrow is my last day of work for the week and we're ending it with a special little co worker luncheon. (You all know how I feel about food!)

Speaking of, I wore this get up the other night when Jamy and I went out to dinner and I wanted to share it with you! This top is a new favorite of mine! It's the perfect mix of sexy and comfortable! Cold Shoulder tops are my absolute favorite way to show some skin without showing too much. Plus, no matter what you think or feel about your body, shoulders are almost never a 'problem area'. I personally appreciate the tricep (or lack there of) coverage these tops provide!

And I'm so happy to see that this trend isn't going away anytime soon! You can get my exact top for $15 and they have a beautiful royal blue that's marked down to $12!!! I posted a shopping link directly below the photos, for you. And I even scoped out lots of other amazing cold shoulder tops for you in the widget below! (If you have trouble viewing it try turning off your ad blocker or switching to a different browser!)

shein review cold shoulder top fashion blogger

shein review cold shoulder top fashion blogger

shein review cold shoulder top fashion blogger

How adorable are these earrings?! They are just the most fun and on sale right now at my girl, Meg's Shop! Head to Purple Peridot to snatch a pair before they're all gone! 

shein review cold shoulder top fashion blogger

shein review cold shoulder top fashion blogger

shein review cold shoulder top fashion blogger


block heel sandals tan target shoes

I'm off to kick up these heels and prep for that awesome free food tomorrow! (Don't judge me).


2017's Spring Trends To Get NOW!

Hello Ladies and Hello Spring!! I could not be more excited to get into some flowy, ruffly dresses and sandals. And get to a beach somewhere, stat. Until then I'm stuck here on my laptop searching the internet for all things spring! And these are the top trends that are in all of your favorite shops and on all of your favorite it girls!
1) Blue Striped Ruffled Top | 2) Endless Rose Flare Sleeve Dress | 3) Karina Grimaldi Tom Embroidered Top | 4) Bardot Caught Sleeve Bustier | 5) Lioness Romper | 6) Lioness Esmerelda Top | 7) Alice McCall Playsuit | 8) Alexis Armelle Top

If you have any kind of interest in fashion you have most likely noticed that every sleeve has some sort of bell or ruffle on it right now. That's because Sleeves are doing all of the talking this spring! You can make a real statement with these beauties.


Ruffles. Ruffles. Everywhere! Everything right now is feminine and flowy!


Embroidered roses and patches were popping up everywhere this fall and winter. And they aren't going anywhere. They're just changing colors to a lighter shade.


1) ASOS Mini Dress | 2) MINKPINK Ruffle Dress | 3) BooHoo Smocked Dress | 4) Fame x Partners Dress | 5) Lovers + Friends Dress 6) MLM Label Pillar Dress

Gingham is everywhere this spring. And I'm not mad about it. The print always screams youth to me.


Slides and mules are going to be the shoe this spring and summer. Get them flat or with a block heel and you'll be good to go!


1) Closet London Paper Bag Waist Skirt |  2) YORK Street Paper Bag Waist Pants | 3) ASOS Paper Bag Waist Pencil Midi Dress
So I saw that Cara Loren released a pant with a paper bag waist this past week and thought, "that's interesting...", And now I'm seeing them everywhere. It can be acquired taste of a silhouette, especially in pant form. But, I'm loving these three options. Plus the ones in the widget below!

[If you have trouble viewing the clickable widgets below each collage, try turning your ad blocker off and refreshing the page. Or switching browsers.]

What trend are you most excited to rock this spring? For me, It's the ruffles!!

5 Reasons I Love My Husband

Holland actually grabbed this ball, posed on it herself, and turned to the camera to yell "Cheese!" It's like she's used to the camera or something?

Showing off his best Power Rangers moves.

Sweater: Similar Here, Shorts: Similar Here, Boots:Similar Here, Bag:Target

LOVE! No this isn't a super late Valentine's post. I have just been staring at these pictures all week and smiling like crazy when I see them. We took these last Saturday, when Hudson asked us if we would take him on a picinic. And it was so sweet we had to do it. So we made a make shift Chic-Fil-A Picnic at our local park, and both of the kids had an absolute blast. 

These pictures bring me so much joy and fill my heart with gratitude! And as I relish in it, I can't help
but realize how much of this is all because of my Husband.

For all of the reasons I love him, these are my top 5:
  1. His love for the Lord. I must put this one first, because I believe it's what guides him and thus guides our family. It's the reason he loves us so selflessly.
  2. His goofiness. Jamy is probably one of the weirdest people I know. And I say that with so much admiration. He talks to himself in made up voices. He dances like an idiot around the house. He will make a complete fool of himself in public for a laugh.
  3. The things he doesn't tell people. There have been numerous times when Jamy has given people on the side of the road rides, bought them lunch, prayed with people, offered the elderly rides to their doctors appointments. He even ran to a woman's defense when he saw a man attacking her in the park, while everyone else just watched. All of these things are wonderful in and of themselves. But, what I love is that he doesn't post it on Facebook. Or tell the whole world. He just does it, because it feels right to him.
  4. His heart for his children. I know there are a lot of wonderful dads out there. But it is such a blessing to see one in action in my own house. My relationship with my own dad was strained. And I praise the Lord for giving the kids Jamy.
  5. His support for me. For Christmas this year Jamy got me a new camera. It was far over our gifting budget. And has been my prized possession, ever since. Not just because it's fun and expensive. But it also represents something much more. The real gift that touched my heart was the letter that came with it. Instead of the typical Hallmark sentiment, he spoke all about my passions and growth and how much he enjoyed watching me follow my dreams. And how he wanted to invest in me and lift me up whenever he could. The camera is a symbol of how he chooses to support me. Not just financially, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    Every single one of these attributes are things I aspire to myself. Love for my Lord, Life, People, My Family and My Spouse. What a wonderful thing it is to have a partner that you truly admire, right?

    Now that you're done listening to me ramble on about my husband;
    What are some of the things you love most about your partner?

The most accurate photo of our lives.

My February Beauty Must Haves (Plus Some Jewels)

makeup products for a glowy look

Hey Everyone! I hope you are all coming off of a great weekend! We just got home from seeing the Harlem Globetrotters, which was a treat in itself. But this was extra special because Hudson's little preschool basketball program, TOTS, performed during the half time show. And you guys, their "performance" is the silliest little simple thing. But it really made my heart swell to see Hudson out there with a smile on his face! I can not believe that's the same little baby I brought home 4 years ago... 

but, I digress...

This post isn't about kids or nostalgia. (I'll spare you from the 50 page essay I could write on that).

 Today, I am sharing my February Must Haves or Favorites! Each one of these items is something that I have been using and wearing over and over and over again. So, I thought... Why not blog about it, right?!?

So, here we go!

 I have been using this L'oreal Lumi Liquid highlight every single day to help me get a glowy but natural look. Before I put on my foundation I pop the slightest amount of this on the outer top portions of my cheekbones, a little on the bridge of my nose and on my forehead. Then, after applying my foundation there is a very beautiful but subtle glow shining through.

Juice Beauty cream blush for a glowy makeup look

Once I have applied foundation and before I start using powdered products, I have been obsessively using this cream blush by Juice Beauty. I dab this all over my cheeks for a healthy flushed look that doesn't get you too 'rouged' up. I absolutely love it. Plus Juice Beauty is an amazing, eco friendly brand to get acquainted with. After falling so hard for this blush, I'm super excited to try more of their makeup and skincare.

The perfect soft pink blush, milani tea rose drugstore

When I'm done with all of my liquid and cream products I like to lightly powder my face, then swipe a bit of this Milani Blush in Tea Rose on the apples of my cheeks. Not only is it absolutely adorable to look at, it is so reasonably priced and high quality. It's truly the perfect shade of soft pink that will last all day. 

luxie 514 pink and gold mlush makeupbrush

Now you ask, what is my favorite way to apply that gorgeous rose shaped blush?! Well, it's with this equally gorgeous Luxie 514 Brush of course. Please don't ask me why it is so amazing, because I'm not expert enough to tell you. However, the bristles provide the perfect amount of softness and density. And I absolutely love it.

2017 best top beauty products too faced and bite beauty best mascara

The next three things I'm obsessed with are all about eyes and lips. The first was a just a silly impulse buy from the clearance aisle at Wal Mart. I found a purple Hard Candy Walk the Line Glitter Eyeliner. And the reason I love it so much is because it somehow has just the right touch of boldness and subtlety that I can actually wear it on a normal work day without feeling to extra. I love using it with pale pinky/mauve shadows.

The next product, is the mascara you have heard me rave about over and over and over. Too Faced's Better Than Sex, is my go-to, all time favorite way to get knock out lashes. And if you give them a realllly good curl before applying it, you will look like you are wearing falsies.

bite beauty lip pencil beige nude swatch

(Warning I facetuned the crap out of my skin in this picture ^^^ because I took it 12 hours after doing my makeup. However, I wanted to show off the lip shade) My final beauty obsession from this month has been Bite Cosmetics Lip Pencils. This one in the shade beige nude has been my everyday lip color all month. It's a pencil that wears very similarly to a matte liquid lip, just softer and less drying. And on my skin, the color looks very much like my natural lips but better. I would really recommend you checking them out next time you're at Sephora! I'm hoping to grab a few more shades as soon as I can.

kendra scott for cheap on poshmark

And my last obsession this month, is this Kendra Scott Hand Chain I snagged from Poshmark last week. It is so gorgeous in person. And wearing it somehow makes me feel exotic, yet dainty. I absolutely love it.

They had a few others and different styles left on Poshmark. Or you can just order it new from Bloomingdale's.

If you do want to order it on Poshmark and are new to the app you can use my referral code GLOUO and we will both get a $5 credit to spend on the site.

So, that's it for today! I hope you all are feeling refreshed and excited to start a new work week. I am feeling Joyful, Hopeful and Grateful for the days ahead after a beautiful weekend filled with Family, Worship and Crawfish. (What else do you need?)


What I Would Put On My Baby Registry Now (After Two Kids) - The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

How cute is baby Holland?!? Looking back at this makes me so nostalgic and itchy for another baby. Actually putting together this whole post was enough to send me into the throes of baby fever. But, alas, I think My body and mind need just a little more time to recover from four years of what I like to call the dark ages. (I say that with love). But we all know that pregnancy and infant years can be taxing. Which is exactly why I put this list together for any of you 'mom's to be' out there.

If I were to have another baby now (and it was socially acceptable here to do a registry for a third child) these are the things I would ask for and why....


Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist - What to Register For

Shoppable Links
1.Foam Mattress |  2. Sheets | 3. Baby Mod Crib | 4. DaVinci Crib | 5. Breathable Bumpers | 6. Rocker | 7. Halo Sleep Sack |  8. Love To Dream Swaddle | 9. Aden & Anais Swaddling Blankets | 10.Rock N Play | 11. Halo Bassinet | 12. Dohm Sound Conditioner | 13. Cloud B Bubbly Bunny | 14. V-Tech Bear Monitor | 15. Diaper Genie & Refills | 16. Changing Table | 17. Changing Pad W/Cover | 18. GreenAir Humidifier 

First off  I want to make it clear that all your baby needs is somewhere to sleep, something to eat and something in which to poop. Please Do not feel that any of these pieces must be purchased. They are simply items that I think will make life a little more efficient and calm.

- A Crib & Mattress - These are the only things you absolutely have to have in your nursery. This mattress is foam like the trendy adult Casper beds. It's designed to be firm for safety, yet that foam sounds way more comfortable and conducive for deep slumber.

While I loved the crib we had, I would go back in time and pick something that was a neutral color scheme. One that can pass as feminine or masculine. These two by Baby Mod and DaVinci are my favorites and are reasonably priced! I also love these soft and classic crib sheets by Aden + Anais.

- Bumpers - They are very useful to have once your little one starts to move around. However, the pretty cushioned ones aren't really considered safe anymore. These breathable mesh bumpers make for a great compromise. They keep baby's arms and legs from getting caught in the crib slats, but you can rest easy knowing that they will be able to breath through them should they get stuck in a weird spot.

-Rockers- I got very little use out of my rocker.  Both of my kids insisted on being held and rocked while I was standing. If I dared to move to a lower altitude they would revolt. However, A Rocker or glider is nice to have for those nights when you literally can not stay on your feet and but your congested baby can only find rest laying upright on your chest.

 Truthfully, I picked this particular one for the aesthetics. Neutral. Classic. Plus it will last through multiple children and could even be transitioned into a living room piece once they grow up.

-Swaddles, Swaddles, Swaddles- you will need swaddles!!! All babies sleep infinitely better when they are wrapped up tight. These three options were my absolute favorites. I loved the zip up one and this particular Halo sack, because they stayed in place way better than every other brand I tried. All of the off brand ones, were super easy for my kids to wiggle out of.

The muslin swaddling blankets are the absolute best to have around. They are the perfect dimensions for swaddling, but serve a multitude of purposes. They make for great car seat covers to provide shade from the sun. And they are the perfect weight for sleeping during those hot summer nights. Do yourself a favor and register for at least three.

-Bassinet- This Rock N Play bassinet was THE only thing that Hudson would sleep in for his first two months. Something about the shape of it, makes a baby feel so cuddled and enveloped. And now they've added all kinds of bells and whistles I would have died to have when we bought ours. It even rocks on it's own, now!!! Plus, when you throw in exclusive Johnathan Adler Design, you can't lose.

-Swivel Bassinet- I literally have no experience with this bassinet. I just put it on the list because I was dying to get one when Holland was a baby. So I'll just leave it here for you to inspect.

- Sound Conditioner- I bought one of these sound conditioners for Holland when she was born to block out all of the sounds from our dog and her older brother. But, I loved it so much I bought another one for myself. You will want some sort of sound machine, especially if you live in small quarters like we do.

-The Cloud B Bubbly Bunny- If you've followed us for a while  you know we are obsessed with this Bubbly Bunny. Holland has two and brings at least one with her every where she goes. It is unbelievably soft, but it also has a sound machine inside of it which is great to bring on car rides or send with them to day care for naps.

 -Monitor- Truthfully, I think any baby monitor that allows you to look at and hear your kid is all you need. But, I like this V-Tech Safe & Sound Bear because it allows you to talk back to them. Plus the camera is shaped like a bear. It can also play soothing sounds for baby and is reasonably priced compared to it's competitors.

-Diaper Pail- You need somewhere to put all the poop (especially if you have a dog. Just trust me on this one). The Diaper Genie is a standard. And they're much cuter now than when we bought ours! Also, if the refills price throws you off there are other brands that make eco friendly refills for a lower cost at most retailers

-Changing Table-  Confession... We have NEVER owned a changing table. I wish that we had, but we are just so short on space in our home that we decided to pass. However, if we have another child (And God willing are in a bigger home) I would pick one that is pretty, unisex and provides storage. Like this one by Badger.

-Humidifiers-  Just go ahead and register for one. Even if you don't think you'll need it. Because, there will come a night when you are up with a stuffy kid, searching WebMD for answers and convince yourself that you must go to the drugstore at 3:00 am to buy a humidifier. So just go ahead and throw it on the registry, now & you will thank yourself later. This one by GreenAir looks like a cat. Need I say more?


Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist - What to Register For

Shoppable Links
1. Timi & Leslie Diaper Bag | 2. Graco 4 Ever Car Seat  | 3. Mirror | 4. Pacifier Clip | 5. Moccasins | 6. Window Shades | 7. High Chair Cover | 8. Travel System | 9. K'Tan Carrier | 10. Piddle Pad

For getting around town all  you need is a car seat/infant carrier. Unless you don't have a car.. then you literally need nothing. But all of these things will save your sanity at some point, I swear!

-Diaper Bags- I honestly think Diaper Bags are a scam. Granted I'm on my second child so maybe that's why. I typically just throw a diaper and a bottle in my purse and go about my day. But, I suppose, they are convenient with all of the little pockets and changing pads. So, if you are going to get one.. do yourself a favor and register for one that makes you still feel like yourself and not your baby's personal assistant. I love Timi and Leslie for that reason! No one will know this is a diaper bag.

-Convertible Car Seats- These are a big ticket purchase so it's definitely nice to put it on the registry even though you wont necessarily need it right away. This Graco one sounds awesome to me because it transitions through every single stage of your child's life. But don't feel like you need to get one this expensive. We have had great experiences with Evenflo and Safety 1st which run much cheaper.

-Back Seat Mirror- You will need a shatterproof mirror to hang in your car. Because you are a new mom and you will want to glance back every five seconds to make sure they're still breathing. Plus as baby becomes more aware, the mirror can provide entertainment for them on car rides.

-Pacifier Clips- A Small little lifesaver if your kid is into pacifiers. Make sure you get one with a sturdy clip. Some of the plastic ones are a joke that your kid will rip off and leave on the floor every chance they get. Booginhead is awesome and affordable.

Another pacifier clip brand that I love is Boogalu Baby!! They hand make the most adorable clips with matching teethers and necklaces for mom!

-Shoes- You do not need shoes for your baby. Unless it is cold or they're going to be crawling around somewhere that socks do not provide enough protection. Babies were meant to be barefoot. Especially once they start crawling and walking, they will have a much easier time without anything bulky holding them back.

BUT, if you get shoes... You might as well get trendy adorable ones. I am a long time fan of Freshly Picked. They are pricey, but high quality. And the thin leather soles are meant to help your baby grip the ground better as they learn to walk.

- Window Shades- Shades for the car window are pretty self explanatory, but will be super helpful, especially on road trips.

- High Chair and Shopping Cart Covers- These are the best invention ever. Especially for a STAHM who has to bring her kid on Target runs every week. I prefer the larger, puffier ones, because you can start using them sooner. Even when baby is still not proficient at sitting up, This kind will be more comfortable for her to lean back on.

-Travel System- These can be a life saver. While, I think the Graco car seat advertises that it can be used for infants, you will still want a true infant seat that you can pop in and out of the car easily while baby is sound asleep. I picked this Graco System only because the three wheel strollers turn much easier than the four wheel ones. And when you get into three wheels, you are in the 'jogger' category which can be expensive. So this one is reasonably priced. Plus, black is neutral and unisex (are you picking up on  a theme here?)

If you do not want a full travel system A stroller frame is another great option. They usually work universally with all infant carriers. Plus they are typically less bulky and less expensive.

If you are tall like me, try to find a stroller with adjustable handles. I didn't think to research that while registering and I really regretted it later.

-Baby Carrier or Sling- This will be so helpful for those days when baby refuses to be set down But you have a million things to do.

I have owned the Moby Wrap, The Ergo Baby Carrier and a simple sling. In the newborn months the Ergo Baby was my favorite, but they are expensive and you have to pay extra for the newborn insert. Plus you feel like you're wearing a bulky backpack. The Moby is great, but for me, it was just too much fabric (50 feet!) to be messing around with when baby is crying to be picked up. When they are in a sitting up position a simple Sling is all you need. It's so fast, cheap and does the job.

So, that's why I suggest this one by K'Tan. Because it is a bit of a compromise between all three. They also sell Gently Used ones for a fraction of the cost straight from their website so you can feel comfortable knowing they have been properly inspected and cleaned!

-A Piddle Pad- As many blow outs as we have had and as many times I have had to deconstruct car seats to wash them, I wish I had at least two of these to keep in rotation. They will save you so much time, when the diaper isn't pulling it's weight!


Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist - What to Register For

Shoppable Links
1. Double Breast Pump | 2. Boppy Nursing Pillow | 3. Avent Natural Bottles | 4. TwistShake Bottle Kit | 5. Boon Bathtub | 6. Nail Clippers | 7. California Baby Sensitive Toiletries Kit | 8. Jonathan Adler High Chair | 9. Desitin Rash Cream | 10. Teething Tablets | 11. Thermometer | 12. Dapple Detergent Strips | 13. Nose Frida | 14. Tylenol | 15. Digital Forehead Thermometer

-Breast Pump- If you plan to breast feed, a good pump is a must. Even if you plan to stay home with baby, you will want a way to pump in case you ever need to leave her at home for more than two hours. I would definitely recommend a double pump. Not only for efficiency, but when you start pumping on one side,.. the other side is going to start leaking.. and that second pump will prevent you from wasting milk

As far as doubles go, this Evenflo pump is the least expensive, while still keeping high reviews.

If you aren't sure breastfeeding will work for you... Most hospitals will have one available for you to try/rent in the beginning. However, I would just register for it anyway and if you realize in the hospital that nursing isn't working you can just return it and use the credit on something else.

Another thing to remember is that, from what I understand, many insurances will pay for breast pumps. (That came after my kids, so I don't know too much about the logistics of it all).

-Nursing Pillow- They can be great for your back when nursing as they keep you from having to hunch over to nurse. But they also are wonderful as your little one starts to sit up on their own or work on tummy time. When mine were just learning to sit up, but I wasn't confident in their ab muscles I would slide Boppy Pillow behind their backside to provide cushioning and support.

You can purchase a million different cute and washable slipcovers from anywhere, including etsy! 

- Bottles- They're obviously a must whether you nurse or use formula. Personally, I wouldn't buy or ask for a million of one brand. Because every kid is picky and likes something different. With Hudson we registered for fifty million Tommy Tippee bottles because everyone swore by them. But Hud didn't get the memo and refused them every time. So we came out of pocket for like 70 million Dr. Brown Bottles.

I would only ask for about three or four. Or even register for a couple different types. We Have loved Dr. Brown and the Avent Natural Bottles.

I also recently Partnered with a new Anti Colic Bottle brand from Sweden called TwistShake that is offering my followers a 20% off discount by using the code "BRITTANYCOMEAUX20". They come with a storage container for formula and snacks and are super easy to use. (Don't worry, I'm not getting paid for saying this. I just really did like them after receiving one in the mail.)

- Bathtub- I don't think you need too many bells and whistles for a bathtub. We had one that vibrated and made bubbles and literally never used those features.  I would focus on something that can grow through multiple stages and be easy to clean. When it comes to bath products you would be amazed by all the nooks and crannies mold likes to grow in. (That's why we don't do squeaky toys in the tub!)

I think this Boon Tub fits the bill, just right.

- Nail clippers- Truthfully, any pair will do. I just liked the look of this Rhoost pair! Whichever kind you pick just make sure you have a couple on hand. They're a necessity and they love to get lost.

-Bath Wash- For bath wash and shampoo, I would highly recommend starting off with something that is ultra sensitive, because you don't know yet if your little one will have problematic skin. I love California Baby and Mustella! The Stelatopia products from Mustella have done wonders for Holland's Eczema.

-High Chairs- They aren't technically a necessity (I've fed mine in my lap, plenty of times) but it is probably one of the most useful things you'll own until they're able to sit up independently. I love this Jonathan Adler one because it has a modern design, cushioned support for younger babies, and the top part detaches to be used as a booster seat down the road. 

-Medicine- As far as medical items go this is all your really need: Tylenol, Something for teething, Thermometer, Nasal Aspirator and Rash Cream. Some people swear by Gripe water, but it didn't help with either of my kids.

Your run of the mill drug store thermometer is all you need, but the fancy pants digital forehead thermometer ones are super cool and convenient to have.

For nasal aspirators, I've never found one as strong as the Nose Frida (or any other lung powered one). No, nothing gross will get into your mouth. Trust me on this, we have had manual and electric powered aspirators and neither provided as much suction as the as our own lung power.

-Detergent- With Hudson we didn't have any problems with using regular tide and bleach. But Holland has had sensitive skin since she had skin issues since she was two weeks old. So we have switched everything including all of our cleaning products over to natural and sensitive formulas.

These Dapple Detergent Sheets look super cool, and I plan on buying them next time we run out of detergent!

Now, here are some things you don't need, in my humble opinion:
Warmers of all kinds. Wipes. Bottles. What have you... No kid likes having their butt wiped, warm or not. And if they never get used to warm wipes then they will never know what they're missing when you are out running errands with only room temperature wipes

And Bottles... i transitioned both of mine from the boob to room temperature formula and even cold milk no problem. If I felt it was too cold I put the bottle underneath the faucet with hot water for a second.

So, my point is these items are just something else to take up space and haggle with.
Also, baby food makers seem a little pointless to me. If you are capable of steaming, mashing and blending with your stove/microwave, fork and blender then you don't really need an extra kitchen tool to make baby food. If you want to feed them bananas... just mash one up with a fork until it's mush.

I would also pass on registering for clothing, bibs, burp cloths... If you have at least one shower you will most likely get more than enough of these items.

And that's it! I know this post was long. I originally planned to only post pictures and shopping links, but then I decided everything needed an explanation. So now we have a baby registry novel, written by: yours truly !

P.S. These are only my opinions. If you are a warmer and food maker fan or you absolutely hate some of the products I listed, then please make sure to leave a comment below so other readers can hear a different point of view.

Make sure to save the list to your Pinterest for future reference! And remember to share it with all of your mommy to be friends!!!
Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist - What to Register For

Thank you so much!