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Is This The Most Eco-Friendly Baby Product Ever?

At this stage of parenting, with a four & two year old, we have accumulated a lot of Stuff. Plastic toys everywhere, baby gear and clothes galore. Some times I'm genuinely amazed by the amount of consumption that happens in our home. 

Somewhere between attempting to get rid of our old mattress and trying to figure out what to do with our collection of plastic happy meal toys that were now broken & useless.... I had a moment of clarity....

Is This The Most Eco-Friendly Baby Product Ever? Mattress

I've never stayed up nights worrying about our environment. And I admit I've thrown my fair share of recyclable items in the trash throughout the years. But, having kids with tons of things everywhere has finally changed my heart.

This year, I've been taking a second thought before tossing things into the dumpster. I do my best to find a use or place for every unwanted object. And I hesitate more when letting the kids pick out toys If it's something that will easily run out of usable life, rendering it even a reject from the thrift stores.. then, we will not buy it.

I have an image of our old Mattress sitting on a mountain of plastic dinosaurs and my little pony's with missing legs, when I think of landfills now. And that's why I'm so passionate about this Newton Baby Wovenaire mattress. (If you watched my 50 consecutive Instagram stories the other night, then you know what I'm talking about.)

Is This The Most Eco-Friendly Baby Product Ever? Mattress

The Wovenaire mattress is literally what it sounds like. Air; woven together by a food grade polymer netting, covered with a padded yet breathable fabric. And it's all 100% Recyclable. There is no glue, foam, springs or anything else that you would have to think twice about sending to recycling. And I just love that.

However, while I may be passionate about it's environmentally friendly properties, there are a few other traits that make it stand out among other crib mattresses.

It's Completely Breathable:

Is This The Most Eco-Friendly Baby Product Ever? Mattress

The Inside core of the mattress is completely breathable. It is a large netting of food grade polymer, with a million openings for air to pass through. The 3D Cloud Cover is also made for optimal breathability and body temperature regulation. When you hold it up to the light you can actually see through it, yet it is still very padded and comfortable.

It's Completely Washable:

Is This The Most Eco-Friendly Baby Product Ever? Mattress

Have you ever had to clean up a urine spot on your mattress?! Wait.. why am I even asking that. Of course you have. Even after I've scrubbed and cleaned the exterior of the kid's beds, I've always wondered what was lying beneath.... what about the mess that sinks into the bed, past the fabric and onto the inside foam or stuffing?

Is This The Most Eco-Friendly Baby Product Ever? Mattress

Is This The Most Eco-Friendly Baby Product Ever? Mattress

With the Wovenaire mattress you can unzip the 3D Cloud Cover, throw it in the washing machine and the inside polymer can literally be hosed down in the shower or sink, if necessary.

What about Sheets, Though?

So, one of my Instagram followers brought up a valid point about the breathability. If you are buying the mattress for that factor, what happens when you put a crib sheet on it? Isn't the whole purpose defeated? Well, apparently, Newton Baby thought of that too.  After perusing the website last night I was excited to see they also sell breathable muslin crib sheets.

They've literally thought of everything... 

Including you. Newton Baby is generously giving my readers a $30 discount off their standard or mini crib mattresses. All you have to do is use the code BRITTANY30 at checkout. Plus they always offer Free Shipping and a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Seriously. What more could you ask for?

Head to to learn more and check it out for yourself!


Hello Hello! Today is the first post in a series that I hope will be Bi-Monthly. Friday Favs is where I will sit down and let you in on all of the things I've been loving lately. Whether it's a makeup product, an app, a song... whatever is making my life a little better, easier, happier at the moment.

So, I hope you enjoy and without further ado, let me introduce you to some of my new favorite things!


First up, is this Coco Water Lotion by You are AMAZING skincare. I actually picked this up by accident, thinking it was an exfoliator.... It's hard to focus when you're shopping with toddlers. But, I love this lotion for it's scent. It smells so delicious and airy and lingers on the skin in just the right way. You'll get whiffs of it throughout your day but it won't overwhelm the people standing close to you! They also Donate a percentage of sales to charity, for every bottle sold.


Two tanning products I'm loving are the NKD SKIN Pre Shower Tan. It actually works. I like to put it on about twenty minutes before I shower then rinse it off. A light but noticeable tan will show up within hours. I recommend that you only do this on days that you aren't shaving, for best results.

My new favorite tanning mousse it the Dancing with the Stars Mousse by Norvell! I found it at Wal Mart and absolutely fell in love with it. The undertone is just the right color for me. Not orange, or purple/black... just a nice brown. Plus it doesn't stick to any dry patches or scars like other brands that I have tried in the past.

In the video I said it was inexpensive, but I've only been able to find it for $38 online. I would definitely recommend trying to find it at your local wal mart first, because I'm almost positive I didn't pay over $20.

I've been applying the DWTS tan with this Skinerals Tanning Mitt that I recently ordered from Amazon. I've only ever used disposable mitts in the past, but using a nice cloth one is a major game changer in my application and end results.


LipSense; If I sound like I'm pointing out too many cons while talking about this in the video, it's because I watched Tati Westbrook do a review on LipSense right before filming... She was not a fan of the smell/taste, etc, which offset a war of words in her comment section. Knowing that I was planning to film a review myself I wanted to speak to as many of the negative comments I saw, as possible.

I've, personally, really enjoyed these products and I 100% think this is the ultimate Wedding Day / Special event Lip product. Because it last's all day long and gives you movie star lips without ever transferring to your food or your date! You can see more in the video above!

Head HERE to grab your own from Running With Colors!

Colour Pop. I've been loving Colour Pop products lately. You can NOT beat the price for the quality. And this Super Shock Blush is proof.


Loving this ESSIE polish called S'il Vous Play. The video and pictures do not do it justice. Do your self a favor and just go look at it next time you're in the store!

That's all for now!

Let me know in the comments what products you have been loving lately, so I can check them out for myself! I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting things!

Have an Awesome Weekend!!


What Are Your Mom Strengths?!

Happy Thursday people! We're in the home stretch of this week and I am ready for a little weekend relaxation. Truthfully this Summer has felt so Go-Go-Go that I think I could use a little vacation from my vacation. Do any of you feel like that? I know I've only been at this motherhood thing for four years but, I'm still shocked at how busy a toddler's social life is. 

Now, I know we all have our own style of parenting that works best for us and our kids. And while I may not be the best at organization, cleaning & other STAHM attributes, I still have two healthy & Happy Babies. Sure a lot of that is do to genetics and the grace of God... But, I also think my flexible parenting plays a part.

Currently, as I am typing this, my house is pretty messy. The kids are eating their lunch and watching Doc McStuffins. I'm going over the mental list of things I am behind on and texts I need to return.

I have friends who's homes are always impeccable. Who stay on top of screen time (or lack there of.) And they somehow manage to pull all of that off and still be amazing mom's. For me, it's different. I've never possessed those gifts, which my Mother and Husband can attest to. But I do excel at a few other things, to make up for it.

I am good at creating a relaxed home environment for my children. I'm good at emotions and teaching my kids how to process them. I'm good at pretending and encouraging and being spontaneous. 

I may have forgotten to sign my kids up for any summer activities this year (oops!), but we've already managed to fit in plenty of spontaneous art projects, museum trips and learning into to our summer break. And the kids seem happy. And content. Which I'm beyond grateful for. 

Like I said we all excel in different areas and rock motherhood in our own way. And I am so thankful for products that help me pick up the slack in the areas I'm not proficient in. That's why I love these Happy Baby Clearly Crafted  pouches. They give me peace of mind that my kids are eating healthy & organic even though I may not have prepared a gourmet meal. They help me in a pinch when we make a spur of the moment trip to the splash pad. And I love that the actual pouch is clear, so I can SEE the food they're eating and know that it's good!

If you love these things as much as I do, then I have a $1 off Coupon for you to use at Wal Mart! Just click HERE!

Also, I would love to hear in the comments what you think you're strengths are as a mom. I think we all spend a little too much time thinking of the areas where we lack, so why not give your own horn a little toot and brag on yourself for just a second in the comments!!! 


Would You Buy Used Makeup?! #MAKEUPMONDAY (VIDEO)

Hello! Do you guys remember when I said I was going to start a new series of posts called #MAKEUPMONDAY ? No?! Oh... I don't blame you. That was forever ago and I'm just now getting my second installment up!

With that said... Welcome to #MAKEUPMONDAY!

Today, I am reviewing an online site called GlamBot that allows you to sell and buy used makeup. Used? Yes. Is that gross?! I don't know.

Here are the Websites Claims about their purchasing and sensitization process:

" Is it safe to apply used makeup?
Glambot's proprietary 5-step authentication and sanitization process guarantees each item is authentic and safe for you to use.

 In what condition is the makeup and other items for sale on your website?
All of our items are pre-owned, but are double-checked for its condition and damage. We specifically look for noticeable scratches, dents or cracks in the makeup's casing. If you are unsatisfied with the condition of any item you receive, please send an email to and we'll get the problem straightened out right away!"

The Ordering Process:

Glambot's selection is dependent on what you and others are selling to them. So products come and go somewhat quickly. And the range is broad and eclectic. So I enjoy checking the site often to see what new arrivals they have.

When looking at a product, the condition and amount of prodect left will be listed. The price will vary depending on that.

There is almost ALWAYS some sort of discount code/sale going on.

And you can earn glambucks by inviting friends and purchasing/selling, then use those toward your purchase.

What I Ordered

I've enjoyed browsing Glambot for a while now, but I made my first purchase when I saw a brand new Kat Von D Tattoo Liner on their site for $15 which is about $5 cheaper than usual (Plus I had a 30% OFF Code)

After deciding to purchase I threw in a Discontinued Urban Decay Palette and a Color Pop Liner and Shadow.

Is it Worth It?!

Yes & No. If you are only going to purchase products from Glambot that are already reasonably priced like Color Pop, you might as well buy them brand new from the actual company for about the same price.

If you love to collect limited edition makeup like Special MAC lines or want to try out some Luxury brands like YSL without spending an arm and a leg, then Glambot would be perfect for you!!

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Add Some Life To Your Style #BeNotBland

Today's post Features the Not Bland Sparkling Ice!! Head here to learn more and read on to hear all about my Boston Trip and why I'm choosing to #BeNotBland this summer!

Hello, Hello! I've been a touch out of the loop this month as we've been traveling a lot for weddings. We actually got home from the most beautiful trip to Boston last night. It was filled with sightseeing, a sunset cruise and getting to watch my best friend marry her best friend.


When we weren't involved in Wedding festivities, Jamy and I walked all over town. We walked the freedom trail, saw Paul Revere's house and did lots of shopping on Newbury Street. I loved getting to walk through history. And see all of the beautiful parks. 

But by far, the hero moment of the trip was celebrating the love birds, surrounded by friends as we cruised through the Boston Harbor at Sunset.

The post wedding, throw on your flip flops, tie up the dress and start partying look.
How Handsome is he?!

One of my favorite things about being on vacation, no matter where we are is the feeling of freedom from my everyday life. Don't you just feel freer to dress however you like when you're away from home.  I spent our last day there with braids in my hair and bright red lips. Things, that I love but shy away from when I'm running errands around Baton Rouge.

But, why? Why do I feel the need to tone myself down when I know I might run in to someone I know? That's such a bland way of living.

I've made a personal goal this summer to start adding more life into my day to day style. Crazy Hair dos...? Why not?! Bright Red Lip to the corner store...? Sure!

These Sunnies for instance... I bought them because I loved them, without realizing they would seem over the top to some people. After owning them for 48 hours I had multiple comments on their size, look and over all extra-ness. But, I love them. So I continue to rock them.


Which brings me to the sponsors of this post and all things 'not bland', Sparkling Ice. The strawberry Kiwi flavor has been a favorite in our house since we got married. So much so, that we now have an Amazon Dash Button devoted solely to Sparkling Ice. One touch of the button and a new case of refreshing goodness shows up on our doorsteps!


But what does Sparkling Ice have to do with Boston or my sense of style, you ask?!

Well, first of all, Boston was unseasonably hot this week so I always had a cold one on hand.

But second and most importantly, I love their #BeNotBland Campaign. Their commercials honestly crack me up. But, I love that they chose a Marketing Campaign that encourages you to be goofy, colorful and loud! To be all things "Not Bland"!


So, what part of your life do you wish was a little less bland and a little more colorful?! Your Wardrobe? Your social life? Your drink choices?!?
Let me know in the comments below!

And head HERE to check out all of the Sparkling Ice Flavors. Be like me an grab that Dash button or Subscribe and save as a Prime member to get 15% OFF Plus FREE Shipping!!

5 Ways to Encourage Dad This Father's Day

Thank you to Skechers for gifting Jamy with these awesome shoes.

Hello, Hello! Summer is here and Father's Day is two weeks away! As I tried to figure out what to put in a Father's Day post, I was a bit at  a loss. My experience with my own dad is a little unique. When he was alive our relationship was strained by addiction, which is a story for another day. But needless to say, Father's Day has always been a little weird for me. 

However, that has made me even more grateful for the man that I married and the father he has become to our kids. By the grace of God, I rest assured that my kids will never have to go through the same experiences as I did in my youth. 


My perspective on the Father/Child relationship has made me extra thankful and appreciative of what it means to be a good Dad. And I truly believe, just as Jamy lifts me up each day, it falls upon me to cheer him on and encourage him in the good work that he does.

So, I've brain stormed a few ways that we can encourage the dad's in our lives below:



Growing up with Disney movies on repeat in our homes, we have become a society that holds romantic love at the penultimate level. And grand gestures have become the expected way to show love. I think this often leaves us neglecting the day to day love that we see, even though it can be a far tougher road to walk, than the occasional grand moment.

Take some time from your day to celebrate the daily love that Dad shows. Going to work every day. Sacrificing alone time/hobbies for his loved ones. Being a listening ear or just a strong set of arms.



Let him know that he is doing a good job. (Even if he isn't all of the time.... ) If you think back to parenting 101, we've been constantly taught to affirm our children's good behavior. And this will encourage them to strive for that affirmation again. 

Adults really aren't too different. When we are told we've done something well, we're more likely to do it again to get that same feeling of affirmation once more. 

That's not to say we should treat our husband's like children or manipulate them into certain behavior patterns. But, we all enjoy being encouraged for the good things we do, and why not give that simple gift to the man raising our children.



If you are a praying person, then I would highly encourage you to make sure you are setting aside time in your prayer life for your husband. Pray for wisdom, guidance and patience as he helps to lead and love your children. 

Just as importantly, I can not say enough what power comes from praying with your husband. Praying with him for your children, for your marriage, and for each other as individuals. There's nothing else that will make you more vulnerable and intimately aware of what your spouse is going through. And it helps you both to feel as though you're on a team. It also opens your eyes to what they are dealing with as a parent and how you can help them to be the best parent they can be. 



I know time is tricky. Especially with  kids. They are demanding. And easy to become obsessed with. But, it's so helpful to make a concerted effort to focus and obsess over Dad at least a few minutes each day. When he gets home from work is a great moment to stop what you're doing and catch up with him. Swap stories about your days. Get connected with him. Let all of the distractions fall to the side for a few minutes. 



Facilitate quality time between your kids and dad. What I mean by that, is if your husband has some free time from work, maybe encourage him to spend that with the kids. Let whatever project you wanted him to work on sit on the back burner and encourage him to engage with the kids. Even if he isn't up for a round of transformers and shopkins, he can involve them in s1omething he is interested in. 

You may have noticed the theme here is pretty simple. Encourage him. Lift him up. Figure out some little things you can do that will help him to be the best Dad he can be. Basically do all of the things that you would also appreciate as a mom. 

The benefits for your children, marriage and family life are infinite. 

BONUS POINTS Spoil them with a nice Father's Day Gift. 


Skecher's sent Jamy a couple pairs of shoes for Father's Day and he has been absolutely loving them. Not to mention, getting non-stop comments on them. You get all the style without sacrificing any comfort. (According to Jamy. He says they feel like walking on memory foam.) You can check them out here and here!

Let me know what things you do to encourage the Dad's in your life!

My Summer Skin Care Regimen!! #FreshSummerSkin

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FreshSummerSkin #CollectiveBias

Hey Ladies!! I'm so excited to be sharing this post with you today!

I find that being in your 20s and 30s can be a very hard stage to care for your skin properly. As you're starting to think about anti-aging products you may still be plagued with the occasional breakouts of your youth. Trying to find the balance between treating acne and preventing pre-mature aging can be tricky, especially in the summer time when we're worrying about sun exposure and probably sweating more than usual. But, I've found a routine that works really well for me and I hope that it works well for you too!

Plus I have an amazing deal on my favorite Neutrogena® products for you, when you buy them at Target!

First, lets talk products, then we'll discuss the routine. 

As I've started paying more attention to sun protection and reducing the appearance of aging, I've had a few hits and misses. When you get into sunscreens and wrinkle creams you're often looking at VERY thick and oily products, that for some of us can cause breakouts. So what are our alternatives?

Here are some words that I've become a pro at scoping out in the skincare aisle: Oil-Free, Non-Comedogenic (Doesn't clog pores) and Gel! I've found that if a product advertises one of these terms then it will most likely be a hit for me.

Recently, when I set out to find new skin care items, I went straight to this Neutrogena end cap, right between the skin and hair care aisles.

I've always been a huge fan of Neutrogena skincare. I used the Stress Control line religiously in my twenties. And as a brand they have products to promote healthy looking skin for all skin types. They're also the #1 recommended brand by dermatologists. And if all of that wasn't enough, I was so excited to see that Target is giving a $5 Target GiftCard when you purchase any 3 of the marked products.  

So, I picked up the Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel, The Oil-Free Moisture with Sunscreen and the Hydro Boost Water Gel

What I love about these products is that they fit in seamlessly with my other skin care items. And they are all lightweight and oil free. Plus the Hydro Boost cleanser and gel contain Hyaluronic Acid which helps your skin with retaining moisture. Making your skin more supple and your fine lines appear less deep. Major win. 

Now, here is what you do with them...



For my morning routine, I start by cleaning with the Hydro Boost Cleansing Gel and a gentle facial brush. The cleanser feels very light and is the perfect middle ground between the stronger stripping cleaners and the very heavy cleansing creams. 


I follow this with a toner to make sure I've removed every last speck of dirt and oil. Depending on what kind of toner you buy, this can serve as an astringent, a pore refiner or an extra moisturizing step. I personally use the Neutrogena Oil Free Toner. 



Next I apply the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture with Sunscreen. Since having kids, I find that I'm out in the sun wayyyy more often than I used to be. So I've become more conscious of protecting my skin from UV Rays that accelerate the aging of skin. 

I've played around with a few different SPF products, but I've had a very hard time finding something that doesn't cause breakouts or that can play well with my makeup. After testing this one out for a few days, I've been super pleased. 

It feels very light. Leaves the skin feeling moisturized but not like it's covered in oil. And it works so well under my makeup... I haven't noticed any issues with my foundation application or the lifespan of my makeup look.


For my night time routine, I repeat all of these steps with only a few changes. 


Before Cleansing I remove my makeup. "But doesn't the cleanser do that?" You ask?? Well yes.. it does.. to an extent. By removing as much makeup as possible before washing, you're giving the cleanser the best shot at accomplishing it's purpose and allowing it to get deep into your pores. 


(I love that it has a nice "clean" scent. Nothing perfumy or over poewering.)

Since I'm not sleeping under the sun... I switch the SPF Moisturizer out for my Hydro Boost Water Gel. I've really been loving how this affects my skin. My face immediately feels softer. And I've personally noticed after a few days of use that my skin feels plumper. In a good way. 

I've also found these oil free gel formulas to not break me out as much as heavier night creams.


I also like to use an over night eye cream to help keep that area of my skin moisturized and elastic. Staying on top of that will do wonders for your summer glow and the way your concealer wears and looks on the skin.


Like I mentioned before, being thirty means I still suffer from monthly breakouts, so I always use a spot treatment on any acne I may have, before getting into bed. Personally I prefer Salicylic Acids. But, Benzoyl Peroxide is another common acne treatment.


I'm aware that if you don't already have a skin care routine in place, this could seem like a lot. But, I promise it isn't. And it will do wonders for your skin. If you're lazy like me, you can even keep the Water Gel, eye cream and acne treatments on your night stand to make it more convenient. 

If you are practicing a daily skincare routine but are experiencing breakouts or dryness, I would highly recommend you try out these products. 

Don't forget if you get to your local Target before June 10th, you can take advantage of that Target GiftCard deal! Just look for the Neutrogena End Cap! (The Deal is also available online!)

I really hope this was helpful! 

I would love to hear how you keep your skin looking healthy and glowy in the summer sun!!!