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Ruffles and Pom Poms

irye online shopping endless rose ruffle pom pom top dress

irye online shopping endless rose ruffle pom pom top dress

irye online shopping endless rose ruffle pom pom top dress

irye online shopping endless rose ruffle pom pom top dress

irye online shopping endless rose ruffle pom pom top dress

irye online shopping endless rose ruffle pom pom top dress

irye online shopping endless rose ruffle pom pom top dress

irye online shopping endless rose ruffle pom pom top dress

irye online shopping endless rose ruffle pom pom top dress


I'm trying this new thing where I smile more in my pictures... Ground breaking right?! I think as I get a little more comfortable in front of the camera, I'm opening up a touch. For some reason, smiling seems more personal than the R.I.B. face. But, it's not hard to smile when you're wearing a shirt as fun as this one!

I was recently contacted by a store that was new to me called Irye about partnering on a blog post! I said yes, because I absolutely love that their mission statement is to represent every type of girl. Rocker chic, Bohemian or Seductress. They want to help you find pieces that let you step out of your box and into a fashion wonder land!

And that is just how I feel in this insane Ruffle top. With Pom Poms to boot!

They provide FREE shipping. Which is always a huge pro in my book!

I'm linking a few other pieces from their site that I love for you below. Head HERE to check out the store and find them on Instagram @IRYEgal

irye online shopping endless rose ruffle pom pom top dress

Ok, I'm off ! Only a few more days until the weekend!!


Embroidery For Spring & Tips For Shopping at Shein!

embroidered summer dree honest review of shein

It's Friday!!! Who's pumped?! Even though it's spring break for the kids and I, I'm so happy to have my husband home for the next couple of days! And I get to party with some of my best girlfriends this Saturday as we celebrate my bestie's upcoming wedding! 

Before I head into that I wanted to post this blog so I could share the details about this adorable dress/top and what I think about the store it comes from, Shein.

embroidered summer dree honest review of shein

embroidered summer dree honest review of shein

embroidered summer dree honest review of shein

embroidered summer dree honest review of shein

embroidered summer dree honest review of shein



How cute is this dress? I'm in love with the embroidery, the colors, the stripes, the ruffles, the high neck and the bows on the sleeves! So many things.
It's a lightweight fabric. And on my 6 foot frame it serves as a super cute mini dress for summer or an adorable shirt to tuck into some shorts. If you're anywhere 5'10 and below this will probably be an average length dress on you.

Now, let's talk about Shein!

First of all, would I recommend you shop at Shein? Yes. That's why I continue to work with them. Because they are a brand that I actually continue to appreciate and wear. 

But with my recommendation come a few caveats. There is an art to shopping at Shein and stores of the like. 

  • Understand the Price and Quality: Shein is a shop that gets you in the moment trends for a fraction of the cost of the designer brands. The quality you get will reflect the price you pay. I would say it's on par with Charlotte Russe or Wet Seal. But, what they have over those brands is their ability to hop on trends fast and get them to you sometimes even before they trickle down to forever 21. They also have a much wider variety of products.
  • Shipping: Shein is located over seas. So you aren't going to get your stuff the next day. Depending on whether or not you chose expedited shipping it can take up to two weeks to get your items as they have to make their way through customs first.
  • Sizing: You always need to check the measurements. This will save you from disappointment, I promise!
  • There is always a discount code. You can sign up for emails here and they will let you know what the latest coupon is.
  • Get to know the models: This is my most useful tip I can offer you. When looking at the website, there will be a button near the product image that says "Model Measurements". By using those I've gotten to know which models are closest to my own body type and size. So when I'm shopping, I can usually tell if something will work for me or not just by which model is wearing it.
  • Invest in a nude bra: You should probably already have one of these because they are so useful. But know that sometimes their fabrics are thin. And it doesn't happen much but, I have received a top once or twice that was a little more translucent than I would like. 

If you follow these guidelines I think you will love the amazing trends and bargains you can find at Shein, just like I do. I've linked some of my favorite pieces from there below! (If you have trouble viewing the pieces try turning off your add blocker or switching to a different browser)

Now, I'm off to enjoy my weekend! Love you guys!


What I Eat in a Day to Stay On Track

If you have been with me for a little while you know I frequently mention my efforts to get back to pre-baby weight. I've been sitting steady around 20 lbs heavier than my usual number and have been making little baby strides every few months.

I have no problem eating healthy and working out regularly, for small chunks of time. HA! But, it does take a lot of trial and error for me to find a happy and healthy place that I can maintain for more than a couple months.

I've mentioned before some of my favorite tools for losing the weight. You can find those here.

But my overall , best tip for food & sugar lovers like myself is to find healthy snacks that you love and then get really acquainted with them. What I mean by that, is check out the ingredients. If you're counting calories or points make a mental log of their value. So that way you will always have trusty standby snacks that can fight off cravings and seamlessly fit into your daily plan.

For me, one of those items is Zevia. Which is why I agreed to partner with them on this post. AND they are going to give a six pack away to some of my Instagram followers so you can try it out for yourself!!

zero calorie zevia stevia leaf soda non gmo gluten free

As you can probably read on the can each of their drinks have zero calories and zero sugar! Which is absolutely perfect if your trying to manage your daily diet. But, that's not the only great thing about Zevia... They're naturally sweetened with Stevia, Vegan, Certified gluten free and NON-GMO.

But what's my favorite thing about them... They're clear! There are absolutely no colors added to the drink. Which is a literal gift to a woman with two toddlers and white furniture. Trust me on this.

zero calorie zevia stevia leaf soda non gmo gluten free

To find out more about Zevia and their various flavors and where you can grab some for yourself head here!

Now, for the real meat of this post. What do I eat during the day when I'm trying to stay on track and count calories... I have a set  goal for my daily calories that is designed to help me gradually and safely lose weight. And to reach that goal, I typically try to keep Breakfast & Lunch around 300 Calories, My snacks around 100 and Dinner around 400-500. And when I work out I take that into consideration and give my diet a little more play room.

For Breakfast I love egg whites with pico de gallo, some fresh fruit and a Skinny (sugar free) Vanilla Latte. The protein in the eggs help me stay fuller longer and the fruit and coffee satisfy my sweet tooth.

Usually after I'm a couple of hours into my work day I stop for a quick snack which is typically a handful of low fat cheese and some dried fruit, with nuts or chocolate.

zero calorie zevia stevia leaf soda non gmo gluten free

I love this Zevia Ginger Ale for a little sweetness with my morning snack. And typically for my post lunch snack I'll go for one of Zevia's caffeinated colas! They're great for a little afternoon pep!

For lunch I often eat a pre packaged meal from the grocery store that is low calorie and can be cooked in the microwave quickly, as my lunch breaks are pretty short. I do my best to go with brands that use natural ingredients.

Dinner looks different everyday, but I've found that sticking with portion control gives you a lot of freedom in your meal choices. Some of our go to's are lean turkey tacos, Grilled Chicken with Couscous or Pork Loin with Vegetables.

If I do good with all of this and work out, I usually have a little room left over for a small glass of wine or a sweet treat once the kids have gone to bed.

And that's really all there is to it.

While reading it back, it doesn't seem like much. But if you drink lots of water it will help you feel full. And making sure to eat every three hours makes the time go by quickly so you never feel like you're starving.

You'll also want to make sure you're working towards an attainable goal that's tailored for your body. (My daily intake could be way lower than yours so please keep that in mind as well.)

I hope you found this helpful and I would love to hear some of your tips for staying on track each day!  Let me know in the comments below!

zero calorie zevia stevia leaf soda non gmo gluten free

And don't forget to check out Zevia here!


Indoor Activities for Toddlers

indoor stem activity for toddler shape mags

Hello, Hello!! I hope you all survived Monday and are ready to take today by the horns! If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram and Snapchat then you are aware that we have basically been under lock down with the little man dealing with pneumonia and the little lady getting the dreaded stomach bug.

It sounds like fun.... right?

indoor stem activity for toddler shape mags

indoor stem activity for toddler shape mags

indoor stem activity for toddler shape mags

Well, obviously it wasn't. Ha! I didn't even get to take the days off from work to sleep in because I was playing around the clock nurse. Not that I'm complaining, I wouldn't trade that job for anything. But, you get the idea... a week, trapped inside a small home with two toddlers isn't a field day.

So we had to get creative with our indoor activities. There was a lot of coloring, movies and puzzles. And like a gift from heaven, after our 60th time watching the same show these Shape Mags showed up on our front door!

They reached out to me last week about reviewing their product and it could not have shown up at a better time. Thank. You. Shape. Mags. Thank you!

If your kids have played with any product like this in the past, then you are probably already familiar with how entertaining they are. But this particular set we got was super fun. It Not only included 100 pieces, but two of them had wheels and made for lots of fun racecar creations!

They also sent us a book with tons of ideas and plans to copy. Which was cute. Hudson enjoyed picking out the specific designs to try. Especially the fish. I'm not sure why he hooked on that, but he made that fish about 100 times.

Throughout the last week they have taken up permanent residence on our coffee table (and floor). They have taken on many forms... Castles, Trains, "Beep Beeps" (Holland speak for "car") and Secret hideouts for various transformers and bad guys.

Jamy and I had some fun with it as well.

indoor stem activity for toddler shape mags

I do have to say that (especially with my two year old)... I had some love/hate moments with these things. Because, playing with magnets can be challenging, the polarities are off, something just keeps falling over... things that can be very frustrating for a small child. So there were a few huffs and puffs and moments of frustration. But, then they are always followed by some serious problem solving and "try, try agains". And eventually Hoorays and High Fives!

It's been a lot of fun to watch them work out practical problems and imagine them as little engineers.  All while giving me some peace and a break from watching that same t.v. show for the 61st time.

indoor stem activity for toddler shape mags

If you're interested in getting some, you can find them here. I think they would make for wonderful Easter Basket Fillers, don't you?!?

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Sick Kids & Easter Dresses


Hello, Hello! Well this has been a week already and it's only Tuesday! If you've been following me on Instagram (If not... What's the hold up?) then you know that both of our little kiddos have been under the weather all weekend. And it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon...

We started with high fevers on Friday and they haven't really waned much. If you pray, then I'm sure Hudson (and I)  would appreciate a prayer or two for a quick recovery. Things have just been miserable around here. And it's never fun to watch your little ones suffer!

We are hoping the fever will break tonight or tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

In the mean time, I've been obsessing over all of the spring clothes hitting stores. And I have been spending my lunch breaks and nap times drooling over pretty ruffley dresses.

I'm thinking that this Giani Binni dress may be the winner for Easter this year. Unless I have a moment of weakness and make an additional last minute purchase.

But, I love this one because it is the prettiest, peachy pink. The lace top is gorgeous. And the ruffle just sets it over the top for me.

OH! And it has pockets!

If you are looking for something to wear for Easter this year or for a wedding or shower or just to dance around the house in, I'm linking some of my favorite dresses that I wish I could buy. And may buy. But shouldn't buy. You should just grab one and then show me pics so I can live vicariously through you!

Now, I'm off to try to get some sleep before the kids wake up for their next dose of medicine!

Sweet dreams and happy Shopping, loves!


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Spending Healthy Time With My Kids

[Head Here to Check out this post's sponsor, VitaTops]

Hello Hello! I hope this finds you well! I can't believe today is only Thursday, yet somehow the week feels like it has flown by. How is that even possible?

Lately, everything seems to be going so quickly, hopping from one event to the next. And I just feel like I'm missing out on so many great quality moments with my kids! Truthfully, this year, I've come home from work way too many days and checked out a bit. You know.. "Here, kid ... Watch this show and grab whatever you want from the pantry...I'll just be over here on the couch..."

Is that completely awful?! Don't answer that.... I'm pretty sure I know the answer.

Or at least in my heart I feel the answer. I want to be more present and mindful for these two little humans in my care. And not let my exhaustion rob them of proper guidance.

So about three weeks ago, I started to focus more on my involvement with Hud and Holland in those post work, pre bed time hours. And I've truly noticed a major improvement in the overall atmosphere of our home. Things are more lively. There's a lot more laughter. And... I swear the kids are even getting smarter somehow?!? Haha.  Anyway, here are some of the changes I've made. And I hope if any of you have found yourself in a rut like me, that these ideas might help you out a little!

Turn their favorite show into a game:

Hudson goes through various phases of super hero show obsessions. It was Marvel first. Then Transformers. And now Power Rangers. He could watch hours and hours of Power Rangers if we let him. And sadly it's become his favorite after school activity... So, I try my best to work up some seriously good play time energy right when we get home, and I set a goal and a timer for 15, 20 or 30 minutes. I put the phone down. And I vow to wholeheartedly engage and play with him (at least) until the timer goes off.

That structured, hardcore pretend play (with no distractions) does wonders for his energy level, our relationship, and my mom guilt at the end of the day.

We like to act out his favorite shows and characters, to get his mind off of the t.v. screen (I've nearly mastered the pink ranger). And when that time is up, we can relax with more low key activities.

Shift their focus to educational activities:
Being 4 years old , Hudson is starting to show interest in spelling and mathematics. So I've purchased some wonderful dry erase work books for him to play with. And any kind of educational board game that he can enjoy a little more quietly.

PRO TIP: Another big time winner has been writing letters on his building blocks and letting him build words with it!

Find ways for them to indulge without candy/chips:I've never really monitored their diet too strictly. The upside of that is less stress and worry on my part. The downside being pretty obvious; Unhealthy eating habits. Lack of variety. Lack of nutrients. Eeekkk... So I've been trying my best to find ways to sneak in nutritious snacks without them turning up their noses.

Luckily, they like fruit, so that is easy. I've started subbing out juice for fruit infused waters. Sneaking veggies into recipes when I can. And looking more at the ingredients on the snack foods I buy!

The last two afternoons we have been indulging on these VitaTops MuffinTops! My personal favorites are the Organic Deep Chocolate and the Protein Lovers Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip. (There are other fruity flavors like Organic Wild Blueberry and a Superfood CranBran if chocolate isn't your thing.)

I love them because they come frozen and individually wrapped. So when you need a quick snack you just pop them in the toaster and voila! Instant chocolatey indulgence without any guilt. It literally tastes like cake. But they're made with pure and simple ingredients! What's not to love?!

Get them Outside:Lastly all of these activities are ten times better done outside! Now that spring is in the air we've been spending a lot of our evenings on our front porch. Pretending, Coloring, Learning and Indulging in Healthy Snacks!

So none of these ideas are technically parenting breakthroughs, but sometimes we get so into our routines that we look over the these simple ideas that can make such a big impact. So I thought sharing my experience and a little encouragement might be helpful to someone!

If you have other ideas for busy and exhausted mommas to keep their kids healthy and entertained in the afternoons, please let me know in the comments!!

And a big thank you to VitaTops MuffinTops for making this post possible. By sponsoring this post, they help my blog thrive. However, I only chose to work with companies that I truly love. And I am not exaggerating about how delicious these things are.... (don't sleep on the Organic Deep Chocolate!)

Definitely go check out their website to learn more about these Healthy MuffinTops HERE and decide which flavor is right for you! They have options that are gluten  free, organic, and filled with protein.

Once you make your decision you can find them at your local Publix, Kroger, Shop-Rite, Stop & Shop or Target!

We grabbed ours at Target, I know you're not surprised!  ;)

Travel Worthy Makeup Products

how to pack makeup for traveling

Hey Guys!!! Happy #MakeupMonday! It's Makeup Monday, because It's just now hitting me that we have two major trips coming up in the next couple of months. And I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to consolidate my makeup collection into a carryon, without leaving anything important behind!

I've decided the trick to making that happen is the perfect makeup storage and using as many multi use products as possible.

Let's start with the bag! I got this Makeup Junkie Bag during an amazing trip I went on recently to New Orleans (More on that later this week.) The things I love most about the bag are A) The Tassel B) Something about the zipper placement makes the bag expand so well C) It's lined with waterproof fabric in case there is any spillage.

These cute bags are handmade in Texas and come in various sizes. Plus you can get 25% off your first order.

Now onto the makeup! A lot of these items are ones that are currently in my daily makeup routine. Tried and true favorites that I know will perform under any circumstance. But what makes them good for travel is that they either come in travel sizes or multi purpose compacts to save room.

I'm obsessed with this Urban Decay Naked Skin Balm that's actually for your body. However, I also use it in place of a makeup primer for a beautiful backlit glow. So, while it's not a small product it does eliminate having to pack an extra primer.

I have been using this Milani Conceal & Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation and concealer everyday lately. It does provide enough coverage that you wouldn't technically need a concealer. But, I still like to use one to brighten my under eye area. And Bye Bye Undererye comes in a great travel size. Plus it's so creamy, I love the way it works on my eyes during travel when they might be a little dry.

Along with the Bye Bye Undereye concealer, the Milani Foundation is also very creamy so I always make sure to set it to prevent the products from moving. My favorite powder for setting is the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder.

For the majority of the rest of the products contour, cheek, highlight, eyes, brows.... These are some of my favorite multi purpose products that would work great for travel.

Showstopper Clay Pallette

What are your favorite travel beauty products?! I would LOVE to hear about them, especially if you have any tips or tools on how to get as much makeup into one bag as possible.