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We Took Our Toddler To Comic-Con

9:29:00 AM

taking kids to comic con

All of my mother’s of multiples out there will feel me on this. You always feel like you're neglecting at least one of them.

Two years after Holland was born I still don't know what the perfect answer is. How you manage giving your full heart and attention to all the loves of your life at once.

Granted, things have gotten easier as they have both gotten older. Hudson is maturing and learning to have patience with his little sister. Holland is learning to communicate her thoughts with us and her big brother. Combined, these things make for a much more harmonious family unit. Which makes it easier to love on them as much as I can. But it still isn't quite enough.

So we've found the best way to manage seems to be taking special days to dedicate to one kid at a time. Where everything is about spending quality time with them.

Which is what leads me to these pictures. Last Friday we drove Hudson to New Orleans for a special ‘Hudson Day’! It was a complete surprise and he literally had no idea what he was in for.

Can I tell you his face lit up to the heavens when we walked into Comic Con...

taking kids to comic con

taking kids to comic con

taking kids to comic con

taking kids to comic con

taking kids to comic con

taking kids to comic con

taking kids to comic con

taking kids to comic con

taking kids to comic con

Super Heroes Galore

Aside from the special perk of having mommy and daddy all to himself, I'm not sure much could beat life size and real life superheroes circling around you. He was in little boy paradise. As we stood in line to get in we were greeted by enormous statues of his favorite Avengers. And once we finally made it in the doors we were bombarded with booths and booths run by toy collectors. I'm talking hundreds of Lego figurines you can't find in stores. And what felt like five million vintage transformers, G.I. Joes and Power Rangers free floating in bins upon bins. Truly, it took us about thirty minutes just to pry him away from that first booth. Encouraging Imagination

Once we made it past that first booth, we were greeted by tons of artists all showing off their own personal brand of creativity. Some of them were world famous cartoonists, others were graphic novelists, beloved actors like Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk), & even David Duchovny. There were costume designers. Jewelry Makers. Dancers. You name it, they had it.  

I loved getting to show Hudson this whole world where imagination and creativity ruled. In his four short years, what I have noticed so far is that his strengths seem to lie in his creativity. Yes, he can count to 20 and dribble a basketball but he really thrives in his ability to make up stories and act them out in his own hilarious way. 

And I love any opportunity I can get to show him that those skills can be nurtured into adulthood and don't have to die out in the painfully cool teenager years.


But my absolute favorite thing about going to events like comic-con is the major vibe of community you feel while you're there.

The thing about any kind of nerdy sub culture is that they all seem to be permeated with a strong sense of comradery. Brought on by shared interests, I suppose. But in my opinion it feels even happier and more positive than the brotherhood you find in other groups.

The whole 'geek' community seems to still be holding onto a certain child like innocence. As a four year old Hudson and his peers have an amazing ability to just make friends wherever they go. If he sees a random toddler on a playground they can immediately bond over a game or toy and feel like best friends within minutes. For whatever reason, we all seem to grow out of that and shy away from strangers as adults. But, when you're at comic con it's like you get to revisit that youthful innocence. Everyone is welcomed and greeted as a new best friend. Overall it was a truly great experience and Hudson has been asking to go back every single day since. We definitely plan to take him again the next year and I would not be opposed to him holding up the tradition for years to come. I may even be standing next to him 15 years from now dressed as a geriatric Cat Woman. (One can dream, right.....?!)

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  1. How fun it looks like he had a great time with his favorite characters.

    1. Oh, for sure!! He was in absolute Heaven!

  2. That is so sweet!
    I agree that it is hard to find a way to split your time between kids. I brought my oldest (7) with me to Boston last fall and she was in heaven being in the city with me. I keep looking for something special to do with my middle (5) but haven't found the perfect thing yet.