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We Made A Tiny Human... Again.

Hello, Hello....It's been a minute. I know, I know... everytime I come back from a long hiatus I say that I'm back for good and then I disappear again. Well, I at least have a good excuse. Jamy and I were busy bringing new life into the world. So, I figured the least I could do is show and tell!

And here she is! Helena Grace Comeaux.


You probably know that our other two children are named Hudson and Holland. A lot of people think we have some obsession with New York or geographical landmarks. But we just like names that aren't in the top 20 list and we happened to fall into a H theme.

I had a ton of H names picked out for a boy, but not one for a girl. There are plenty of beautiful ones, but almost every option is extremely common or is already taken by close friends. Being a Brittany in the south, in the 90's scarred me a bit. I didn't want my kids to constantly have their last initial attached to their name.

So we threw around a few unique names: Halle, Hadley, Harlow, Henley, Halston. But, throughout the pregnancy I had been holding onto the name Helena and Jamy finally conceded in the hospital before we took her home. (We pronounce it Huh-lay-nuh).

For her middle name; I always wanted it to be Rose. But as we were driving home from a long roadtrip last month listening to worship songs, we started to discuss the beauty of the word 'Grace'. Grace is a name I've never been interested in... because, can you guess it.... it's super popular.
However, we chose it as a testament to God's grace for his people. The only reason our family exists, that our marraige is joyful, or that we make it through the toughest seasons of life is by the grace of God. My prayer for Helena Grace and her siblings is that they would always live in his grace and peace. 


Helena's due date was February 20th, but I was emotionally and physically done by January. We scheduled an induction for her due date at 3:00 am. This would be my third induction, so I was comfortable with the process and looking forward to meeting our girl.

The night before, we sent the kids home with my mom after dinner. I took a long hot bath and did all the pampering/grooming that I knew I wouldn't have a chance to do for a while. I set my alarm for 2:00 am and went to sleep.

Around 1:45 I was woken up by a painful contraction. and over the next hour as I got prepared to head to the hospital I timed them on my app to be about 3 minutes apart. When I got into my room at Labor & Delivery I was already dilated to 6 cm. So I ordered the epidural and took a quick nap. They checked me again a little after 5:00 am and my water broke from the pressure. After that it was just a matter of getting the doctor to the hospital and everything set up to start pushing. Thankfully, all three of my deliveries have been fast. Three pushes and she was here!

Hudson and Holland are both loving their new baby. Holland, especially. She is so obsessed with taking care of Helena we have to constantly keep eyes on her. I've caught her holding the baby twice without asking an adult for help. Which is especially nerve wracking when your entire house has hard stone floors!

So far, Helena has been an especially good baby, just like Holland was. She has been sleeping well and rarely fussy. (Now that I've put this on the internet, I'm sure she'll flip on me.) Truthfully, Holland is keeping me up more than Helena.

And the adjustment to three hasn't really quite happened yet. We've been blessed with a lot of support from my mom and our church family. The only hard part has really been emotional. I feel like I'm missing out on watching Hudson grow up. Kindergarten has been such an exciting transition for him so far, and I've been forced to sit back and miss out on a lot of things with him lately. And it's a weird feeling when you start to realize your first baby is growing up.

Other than that, things are settling nicely around here and I'm looking forward to life as a party of five!

 Our new Normal.

Taking It Easy In The Third Trimester

{This post is sponsored by POP SECRET® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.}

We're in the home stretch of this pregnancy and I couldn't feel more excited or more unprepared. But, I think every pregnancy must wind up that way eventually, right? I went in for my first weekly check up Friday and things are about as far along as they usually are at this point of my pregnancies. 1 1/2 cm dilated. Baby girl is in the birthing position and estimated to weigh around 5 lbs. So with these last four weeks there isn't much more on my to do list other than to relax. So, today I teamed up with POP SECRET®, to share some of my favorite ways to do just that!

Flix and Chill - An obvious favorite. Who doesn't love to binge watch their favorite show after a long day? As parents of little ones, this gets to be as close to a date night as you can get most weeks. So I honestly cherish that hour or two when I get to sit on the couch with Jamy, some snacks and our favorite true crime doc or comedy.

Hot Bath and Pod Cast - I've always been a fan of a LONG hot bath. Jamy says I like to disappear for the night, which is true but unintended. I go in there with the intention of quickly washing up and end up coming out 90 minutes later looking like a prune and with a wealth of new knowledge about current events, conspiracy theories, theology or how to better run my blog!

Coloring - Adult coloring is a trend that's been around for a few years now, but it was never one that I really got into. Until recently, that is, thanks to my little man. Hudson got an awesome art kit for Christmas and has been obsessed with family art nights. If you watched my stories last week, you probably caught a glimpse of our drawing competition and Jamy's frightening portrait of Hud. 😂

The cool thing about Hudson's art obsession is that it coincided with a period of this pregnancy where my anxiety was starting to pick back up. That particular night that I captured on my Insta stories was one where I was feeling it pretty hard. But forcing myself to sit down and just color for thirty minutes really relaxed my spirit and body! So now it's something I look forward to after a long day.

This 👆 is literally what we're doing right now as I type this blog and I couldn't be more pumped about it. What are your favorite ways to unwind and relax? Since I wrap up my day job this week I'll be looking for new ways to relax and take it easy until baby comes! However you prefer to chill out don't forget to grab some POP SECRET® to munch on as you do it! 
Head HERE to grab a box!

Creating Christmas Traditions

Hey Hey! How did you survive the shopping madness? I did my best not to spend too much money, but I did snatch a crib for the new baby and some half off clothes for the kids. Every black Friday, I wish I had saved up a little bit more to really knock out all of my Christmas Shopping. And every year, I fail. Haha. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. I'll just be doing my Christmas shopping from the couch again, this year!

I did however get to knock one thing off of my bucket list that I always wanted to do! And that was chopping down my very own Christmas Tree. Well, watching my husband and son chop down my very own Christmas tree.

I grew up in a pretty small family. I literally had no first cousins to speak of and all of my extended family was stationed miles away. Christmas was small most years as well without much fanfare. Not to say it wasn't fun and filled with the people I loved. But, I've found that the older I get, I just want to create something different for my own family. For starters, I'm grateful to have three sweet children with a growing group of cousins and family members to grow up with. But, I'm also really invested in the idea of creating traditions for my kids.

With that said, I am super excited to turn this tree hunting expedition in to a new tradition. We left church Sunday and made the 40 minute trek to Ethel, Louisiana to visit the Windy Hills Tree Farm. The drive was easy and in spite of a bit of rain right when we were taking this picture, we still had a blast! With a handful of other families pacing through mazes of evergreens and stopping for photos before picking out their favorite tree. The trees ranged in size, price and species so there was plenty to choose from. We grabbed a saw from the workers and Jamy and Hudson set to work. Within a few minutes the staff had the tree wrapped up and tied to our car while we went inside their quaint little shed for popcorn and treats. We even made it back in town just in time for lunch!

I was a bit worried that the drive would take the fun out of it for the little ones, but we played lots of word games and they enjoyed every minute. I'm thinking next year, it would be fun to bring our favorite Christmas movie to watch on the drive home!

I have some video clips to go along with these pics that I hope to get around to editing this week. But, until then, I definitely encourage you to see how far your nearest tree farm is and give it a try with your little ones!

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?

Feeling Good in Your Pregnant Body

Curious about items from this look. Head HERE.

It's no secret that being pregnant can make you feel uncomfortable in your body. And I'm not just talking about the incontinence or hemorrhoids. (Yes, I said it.)  No matter what your normal pant size is, it can be absolutely depressing to watch your body morph into something you don't recognize. Believe me, it's a sensation I'm well familiar with. I typically gain 60 pounds in my pregnancies. Let that soak in for a second. Sixty. Pounds. But after going through it a few times I finally find myself with a better outlook on pregnancy and my body. So, I thought I would share a few "Feel Good About Yourself" tips just in case you needed a little pick me up today.

Before I start sharing tips on clothes or makeup let's address what the base problem is. Your state of mind. When you look at yourself in the mirror or a photograph, you don't recognize the woman looking back at you. But that's ok! That woman in the mirror, is creating life where there was none. She's a badass. Even if she pees a little when she laughs. So, get to know her and love her.

Think about this: Your current weight and appearance. If you saw any other woman that looked like this out in the real world, would you judge her for her outward appearance. (For the sake of argument and humanity let's all say "No".) Of course you wouldn't. So why are you judging yourself so harshly? Your new look is different. But, it is not less than. It is just as beautiful and wonderful as it's always been.


Learning to dress for your body type is a valuable and tough skill to master whether you are pregnant or not. It took me 20 + years to realize that my 40 inch hips and flat chest were not going to pull off the same clothes that my athletic bodied besties could. It was a tough realization that took a lot of unfortunate fashion choices to embrace.

So what's the trick? Identify the parts of your body that you love and the parts that you wish you could trade with a Victoria's Secret model. Show off assets and hide the rest with loose fitting and/or dark fabrics.

I love my bump and the fact that I now have a semblance of a chest. But, I could do without the extra width and jiggle in my hips and legs. So, I wear tight clothes with a long line cardigan or coat to camouflage my hips. Voila.


Hair, Nails, Shoes, Jewelry... whatever it is. If there is something that never fails to make you feel put together and fancy, then make an effort to fit that into your day whenever you can. For me it's makeup. My hair will be in a pile on top of my head and I may be wearing leggings and a sweater most days, but I love making time for makeup. The application process relaxes me and having it on always makes me feel a little more like myself.

(I understand that time and money are legitimate factors when it comes to some of these suggestions, but if you can comfortably manage it, then go for it!)


With Hudson and Holland, I literally had no energy whatsoever. And by the end of both pregnancies I felt like a beached whale. But, with this pregnancy, I've continued to work and also chase after two young kids. My days include a lot of getting up and down off the ground and lifting small humans, so I'm still getting at least some minimal exercise. And I honestly feel a million times more energetic because of it. The really great part is that energy is also super helpful for accomplishing my first three tips!

You don't have to go to a gym, but continue to make an effort to get a walk in or play hard with the kids rather than phoning it in. (Window shopping at the mall is also fun exercise when the weather is bad.)

Hopefully some of these tips were helpful! Let me know if you have any other tips on feeling good during pregnancy!

P.S. If you have the scoop on any good black friday deals for baby/pregnancy stuff, let me know! I've been scoping out the Bed Bath and Beyond sale for nursery and home items and already found some great deals on cribs and gliders.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!! 😘

Staying Creative and Learning a New Skill

This post is sponsored by Fender but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Happy Monday, Ladies! We're getting super pumped for the holidays over here... and holiday shopping! And Holiday Food! Basically we're just excited for all of it! As this pregnancy progresses I'm starting to get a bit uncomfortable and tired, so I'm also looking forward to a week off with no school or work. However, while I may be lacking physical energy my mind is still racing with ideas for new projects and hobbies. If my brain were an internet browser It would have about 20 tabs open right now, with plans to redecorate, remodel, bake, write, paint and play. It's that magical second trimester energy combined with a touch of nesting, I suppose. But pregnant or not, it's always a good idea to keep learning new things, which is why I was super pumped to partner with Fender this week!

Fun Fact about me: I've always had a secret desire to be a musician. Not the high school version of me that played a mediocre 3rd chair clarinet. But the kind of creative soul that could just whip out their guitar and start singing when the desire struck. The thing about learning a new instrument, though, is there is a major lack of convenience. When I was younger, learning an instrument meant getting your parents to drive you to lessons every week, outside of all the other extra curriculars. Once I was older, my adult life got in the way. Thankfully, technology is on my side now and I can have a personal tutor right at my fingertips on demand.

The Fender Play app is awesome for a million reasons, but in short, it can teach a complete novice (i.e. Me) how to play their first song on the guitar, bass or ukulele in just 22 minutes. When you open the app you're given a choice of music genres to pick from, whether you're a folk fan or a wannabe pop star. After choosing your style, you start down a guided path of professional, bite sized videos that take you from the very basics and eventually lead you to a catalog of popular songs to master.

But Here's The Real Tea:
Since getting our guitar last Christmas I've tried other at home programs and I can tell you that the Fender App is by far the most user friendly of the ones I've tried.

After only a few days of 5 to 10 minute sessions with the app I already feel  my creative juices flowing more in every aspect of my life. Not to mention, taking those few minutes to focus on something fun and just for me is a MAJOR stress reliever. Also, if it's possible... I think my fingers are getting stronger? 😂  Other benefits to learning an instrument include increased self-expression,  patience, confidence, work ethic and stronger hand eye coordination! Who doesn't want that in their life?

You can check out a short clip of my first time trying out the app here;

And I highly encourage you to give yourself a creative and mental boost with Fender by downloading the app for a free 14 day trial! If you decide to stick with the app after those 14 days, you'll also get a 10% discount on all fender products for the entirety of your annual plan. I really hope you check it out and love it as much as I do!

Now, I'm off to practice. I promised Holland I would learn to play that Moana song she's obsessed with. Wish me luck! 😘

Pregnancy Update and Faux Fur Favorites

Happy Happy Monday, Ladies! I wanted to pop in with a quick Life/Pregnancy update!
I realize I haven't been posting as much as I had hoped throughout this pregnancy, but to be honest I feel like I haven't been paying attention to this pregnancy as much as I'd like.

With moving homes, working and juggling the kids schedules this third baby has been a bit of an afterthought. Which is a little sad to acknowledge, because this will most likely be my last... Thankfully, though, we are basically settled into our new home now and my energy is starting to come back a bit during the second trimester. As I sit here typing on my laptop I can feel the little peanut kicking against the weight of it and I'm finally able to enjoy and cherish it.

With that said I'll just do a quick speed round of facts about baby and the pregnancy.


Another aspect of this pregnancy is that the placenta has implanted low and my doctor has me doing repeated ultra sounds to keep track of whether or not it is rising. I think if doesn't the only complication is that delivery will have to be through C-Section. Outside of that we have all been doing great and I'm excited and grateful to finally be in this slightly more relaxed season.

Speaking of seasons, this week the weather has finally begun to feel like fall and I'm ecstatic to bust out all of my coats and cozy clothes. In honor of that I thought I would share some of my fave Faux Fur pieces right now.

To shop just click on the photos!

And that brings this post to a close! Hope you all have an amazing day and an even more wonderful week ahead! 

What I Would and Wouldn't Register For NOW - Ultimate Baby Registry

Almost two years ago, I sat down to compile the ultimate list of things I would would register for if I were to have a third baby, all etiquette aside. Well fast forward a couple of years and a few gained pounds and  here I am with another little life growing in my belly! So, I thought it was only fitting to revisit my imaginary registry and see which items I still want and which ones are getting the boot. So grab a glass of wine.. (or grape juice for my fellow moms to be) and enjoy!

First off  I want to make it clear that all your baby needs is somewhere to sleep, something to eat and something in which to poop. Please Do not feel that any of these pieces must be purchased. They are simply items that I think will make life a little more efficient and calm.

- A Crib & Mattress - Since making my last registry post, I have discovered and fallen in love with the Newton Baby Mattress. It is completely breathable and completely washable. Making it one of the safest and most mom friendly mattresses I've seen! I dedicated an entire post to it HERE. For a crib, I still feel about the same way I did two years ago. Anything modern and neutral is good to me. Although, I do have my eye on this mini / rocking crib since our third baby will be sharing a room with Holland.

- Bumpers - They are very useful to have once your little one starts to move around. However, the pretty cushioned ones aren't exactly considered safe. These breathable mesh bumpers make for a great compromise. They keep baby's arms and legs from getting caught in the crib slats, but you can rest easy knowing that they will be able to breath through them should they get stuck in a weird spot.

-Rockers- I got very little use out of my rocker.  Both of my kids insisted on being held and rocked while I was standing. If I dared to move to a lower altitude they would revolt. However, A Rocker or glider is great to have for those nights when you literally can not stay on your feet and your congested baby can only find rest laying upright on your chest.

 Truthfully, I picked this Baxton Studio rocker for the aesthetics. Neutral. Modern. Plus it can be transitioned into a living room piece once baby grows up.

-Swaddles, Swaddles, Swaddles- you will need swaddles!!! All babies sleep infinitely better when they are wrapped up tight. These three options were my absolute favorites. I loved the Love To Dream Swaddle and this Halo sack, because they stayed in place way better than every other brand I tried. All of the off brand ones, were super easy for my kids to wiggle out of.

Muslin swaddling blankets are the absolute best to have around. They are the perfect dimensions for swaddling, but serve a multitude of purposes. They make for great car seat covers and nursing covers. Plus they are the perfect weight for sleeping during those hot summer nights. Do yourself a favor and register for at least three.

-Bassinet- This Rock N Play bassinet was THE only thing that Hudson would sleep in for his first two months. Something about the shape of it, makes a baby feel so cuddled and enveloped. And now they've added all kinds of bells and whistles I would have died to have when we bought ours. Now it rocks on it's own and even connects to your smart phone. Plus, when you throw in exclusive Johnathan Adler Design, you can't lose.

-Co-Sleeper - If you're planning to co sleep or just want a stylish and comfortable place for baby to relax, you'll want to check out the Dock-A-Tot. Everyone raves about these, from the stylish patterns to the maximum comfort. So we were sure to grab one for Baby #3! I will definitely keep you posted on what we think when we start using it. But for now, I'm pumped because of the gorgeous marble print. And the fact that it's going to be great for multiple uses from traveling, to letting baby practice tummy time. If you want to read more about the Dock-A-Tot just head HERE!
- Sound Conditioner- I bought one of these Marpac sound conditioners for Holland when she was born to block out all of the sounds from our dog and her older brother. But, I loved it so much I bought another one for myself. You will want some sort of sound machine, especially if you live in small quarters like we do.

-The Cloud B Bubbly Bunny- If you've followed us for a while  you may remember how obsessed Holland was with this Bubbly Bunny. She had two and brought at least one with her every where she went. It is unbelievably soft, but it also has a sound machine inside of it which is great to bring on car rides or send with them to day care for naps.

 -Monitor- Truthfully, I think any baby monitor that allows you to look at and hear your kid is all you need. Unless you want one with a smart phone feature to check it on the go, I think you'll do fine with any well reviewed option on Amazon. 

-Diaper Pail- You need somewhere to put all the poop, unless you're prepared to walk every dirty diaper to the outdoor trash. We have always used the Diaper Genie, because it was basically the only thing around when Hudson was born. However, with this kid I'm excited to get my hands on an Ubbi steel diaper pail. The steel construction is meant to keep the odor from seeping into the pail itself and lingering forever, like some of it's plastic counterparts.... Ahem.... Diaper Genie.... Plus it comes in a variety of colors and does not require a special liner like most others do. Any trash bag will work. 

-Changing Table-  Confession... We have NEVER owned a changing table. I wish that we had, but we were just so short on space in our home that we decided to pass. However, now that we've doubled our living space in the new home, I'm determined to change diapers like a normal person and not hunched over on the floor praying the poop doesn't end up on the rug. My ideal changing table situation would be this Flynn Extra Wider Dresser from Pottery Barn. However, the price doesn't match out budget, so I've been scouring craigslist and Facebook everyday for a dresser I can rehab into a similar aesthetic! Wish me luck!

-Humidifiers-  Just go ahead and register for one. Even if you don't think you'll need it. Because, there will come a night when you are up with a stuffy kid, searching WebMD for answers and convincing yourself that you must go to the drugstore at 3:00 am to buy a humidifier. So just go ahead and throw it on the registry, now & you will thank yourself later. This PureGuardian Humidifier with Aromatherapy option seems to have the most consistent high ratings on Buy Buy Baby. Plus I appreciate that there is an optional aromatherapy tray to add calming scents.


Getting around town with baby usually requires a few more trinkets and gadgets than a stroller and car seat. So here are my favorite items to make leaving the house with baby easier.

-Diaper Bags- I honestly think Diaper Bags are a scam. Granted I'm on my third kids here. But, I find it way easier  to throw a bottle and diapers into my everyday purse rather than packing the entire pharmacy and nursery in a huge diaper bag. However, since we often leave our kids in the church nursery or at MDO they'll need some kind of bag to store their belongings in. Whether it be an actual diaper bag or not. Right now, I'm loving the back pack options from Skip Hop and Freshly Picked. Stylish but Functional.

-Convertible Car Seats- These are a big ticket purchase so it's definitely nice to put it on the registry even though you wont necessarily need it right away. Last year I got to review the Graco Slim Fit 3-in-1 and we are still using and loving it. I chose the slim fit model for the precise reason that I eventually hoped to have a third child and this seat leaves a few more inches of space in the car for other kids. It can also accommodate children throughout their car seat life span with it's adjustable positions.

-Back Seat Mirror- You will need a shatterproof mirror to hang in your car. Because you are a new mom and you will want to glance back every five seconds to make sure they're still breathing. Plus as baby becomes more aware of their surroundings, the mirror can provide entertainment for them on car rides.

-Pacifier Clips- A Small little lifesaver if your kid is into pacifiers. Make sure you get one with a sturdy clip. Some of the plastic ones are a joke that your kid will rip off and leave on the floor every chance they get. While you can find these most anywhere now, I would definitely recommend looking on Etsy for some cute and stylish options! Plus you'll get the pleasure of supporting a small business!

-Shoes- You do not need shoes for your baby. Unless it is cold or they're going to be crawling around somewhere that socks do not provide enough protection. Babies were meant to be barefoot. Especially once they start crawling and walking, they will have a much easier time without anything bulky holding them back.

BUT, if you get shoes... You might as well get trendy adorable ones. I am a long time fan of Freshly Picked. The are the brand responsible for the moccasin trend that has gone crazy over the last few years! They are pricey, but they are quality shoes that will last for years and actually have a decent resell value in the Facebook BST communities. Plus they run sales often.

- Window Shades- Shades for the car window are pretty self explanatory, but will be super helpful, especially on road trips.

- High Chair and Shopping Cart Covers- These are the best invention ever. Especially for a STAHM who has to bring her kid on Target runs every week. I prefer the larger, puffier ones, because you can start using them sooner. Even when baby is still not proficient at sitting up, This kind will be more comfortable for her to lean back on.

- Shopping Cart Hammock - Say What? You heard me. A baby hammock for your shopping cart. (Target just got way more interesting!) I have been super excited to try one of these Binxy Baby hammocks out since I first saw them on Pinterest a few years ago. They're perfect for taking small babies shopping. They should feel snuggled and comfortable, plus you can easily slide your groceries right underneath her into the cart like always.

Plus it comes in the cutest prints like the palm leaf one I chose! You can check out the rest of Binxy Baby's styles and features by clicking HERE!

-Travel System- While I believe the Graco car seat I mentioned earlier is meant to work from the Newborn stage to toddler years. You'll want an infant carrier that you can easily pull out of the car and pop into a stroller for at least the first year. It will just make things easier when little one falls asleep int he car and you don't want to wake her. For me I want something light weight and easy to maneuver. On my radar are the Maxi-Cosi Zelia 5-in-1 System and the Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular System.

If you do not want a full travel system A stroller frame is another great option. They usually work universally with all infant carriers. Plus they are typically less bulky and less expensive.

If you are tall like me, try to find a stroller with adjustable handles. I didn't think to research that while registering and I really regretted it later.

-Baby Carrier or Sling- This will be so helpful for those days when baby refuses to be set down But you have a million things to do.

I have owned the Moby Wrap, The Ergo Baby Carrier and a simple sling. In the newborn months the Ergo Baby was my favorite, but they are expensive and you have to pay extra for the newborn insert. Plus you feel like you're wearing a bulky backpack. The Moby is great, but for me, it was just too much fabric (50 feet!) to be messing around with when baby is crying to be picked up. When they are in a sitting up position a simple Sling is all you need. It's so fast, cheap and does the job.

So, that's why I want to try this one by K'Tan. Because it is a bit of a compromise between all three. They also sell Gently Used ones for a fraction of the cost straight from their website so you can feel comfortable knowing they have been properly inspected and cleaned!

-A Piddle Pad- As many blow outs as we have had and as many times I have had to deconstruct car seats to wash them, I wish I had at least two of these to keep in rotation. They will save you so much time, when the diaper isn't pulling it's weight!


-Breast Pump- If you plan to breast feed, a good pump is a must. Even if you plan to stay home with baby, you will want a way to pump in case you ever need to leave her at home for more than two hours. I would definitely recommend a double pump. For save you some time and milk. Yes, if you're new to this... when you pump one boob the other one will start leaking at the same time. The miracle of life! 

Image result for milkies

However, if you can't afford a double pump you have to check out the Milkies Milk Savers!

-Nursing Pillow- They can be great for your back when nursing as they keep you from having to hunch over to nurse. But they also are wonderful as your little one starts to sit up on their own or work on tummy time. When mine were just learning to sit up, but I wasn't confident in their ab muscles I would slide Boppy Pillow behind their backside to provide cushioning and support.

You can purchase a million different cute and washable slipcovers from anywhere, including etsy! 

- Bottles- They're obviously a must whether you nurse or use formula. Personally, I wouldn't buy or ask for a million of one brand. Because every kid is picky and likes something different. With Hudson we registered for fifty million Tommy Tippee bottles because everyone swore by them. But Hud didn't get the memo and refused them every time. So we came out of pocket for like 70 million Dr. Brown Bottles.

I would only ask for about three or four. Or even register for a couple different types. We Have used Dr. Brown with Hudson and the Avent Natural Bottles with Holland. I liked the Avent bottles better (less leaking) but like I said before, you and your kid may not agree on the best one! 

I also recently Partnered with a new Anti Colic Bottle brand from Sweden called TwistShake and I honestly loved them. They come with a storage container for formula and snacks and are super easy to use. I'm planning to buy a couple for the new baby! 

I'm also really interested in trying out the Nanobebe bottles! If you've tried them, let me know what you thought! 

- Bathtub- I don't think you need too many bells and whistles for a bathtub. We had one that vibrated and made bubbles and literally never used those features.  I would focus on something that can grow through multiple stages and be easy to clean. When it comes to bath products you would be amazed by all the nooks and crannies mold likes to grow in. (That's why we don't do squeaky toys in the tub!)

I think this Boon Tub fits the bill, just right.

- Nail clippers- Truthfully, any pair will do. I just liked the look of this Rhoost pair! Whichever kind you pick just make sure you have a couple on hand. They're a necessity and they love to get lost.

-Bath Wash- For bath wash and shampoo, I would highly recommend starting off with something that is ultra sensitive, because you don't know yet if your little one will have problematic skin. I love California Baby and Mustella! The Stelatopia products from Mustella have done wonders for Holland's Eczema.

-High Chairs- They aren't technically a necessity (I've fed mine in my lap, plenty of times) but it is probably one of the most useful things you'll own until they're able to sit up independently. I love this Jonathan Adler one because it has a modern design, cushioned support for younger babies, and the top part detaches to be used as a booster seat down the road. In my dream world, where I have endless money I would buy this Rose Gold High Chair by Bloom.

-Medicine- As far as medical items go this is all your really need: Tylenol, Something for TeethingThermometerNasal Aspirator and Rash Cream. Some people swear by Gripe water, but it didn't help with either of my kids.

You will really need a rectal thermometer in the beginning because they are considered the most accurate at measuring temperature. But the digital Thermoscan models are such a convenience to have. They're extremely fast and easy to use.

For nasal aspirators, I've never found one as strong as the Nose Frida (or any other lung powered one). No, nothing gross will get into your mouth. Trust me on this, we have had manual and electric powered aspirators and neither provided as much suction as the as our own lung power.

-Detergent- With Hudson we didn't have any problems with using regular detergents. But Holland has had skin issues since she was two weeks old. So we have switched everything including all of our cleaning products over to natural and sensitive formulas.

These Dapple Detergent Sheets look super cool, and I plan on buying them next time we run out of detergent!

Now, here are some things you don't need, in my humble opinion:

Warmers of all kinds. Wipes. Bottles. What have you... No kid likes having their butt wiped, warm or not. And if they never get used to warm wipes then they will never know what they're missing when you are out running errands with only room temperature wipes

And Bottles... i transitioned both of mine from the boob to room temperature formula and even cold milk no problem. If I felt it was too cold I put the bottle underneath the faucet with hot water for a second.

So, my point is these items are just something else to take up space and haggle with.


Also, baby food makers seem a little pointless to me. If you are capable of steaming, mashing and blending with your stove/microwave, fork and blender then you don't really need an extra kitchen tool to make baby food. If you want to feed them bananas... just mash one up with a fork until it's mush. And so on...


I would also pass on registering for clothing, bibs, burp cloths... If you have at least one shower you will most likely get more than enough of these items.

And that's it! I know this post was long. I originally planned to only post pictures and shopping links, but then I decided everything needed an explanation. So now we have a baby registry novel, written by: yours truly !

P.S. These are only my opinions. If you are a warmer and food maker fan or you absolutely hate some of the products I listed, then please make sure to leave a comment below so other readers can hear a different point of view.

Make sure to save the list to your Pinterest for future reference! And remember to share it with all of your mommy to be friends!!!