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Helena's Newborn Photos

You GUYYSSSSSS.... I can not even deal with these precious, precious photos from Helena's newborn session. We hooked up with Quinn Alexandra photography when this little girl was about a week old. And we could not have asked for a better experience.

If we're buddies on Instagram then you may recall seeing my stories from the day of the photo shoot. But if not, you can always check them out under the story highlight "Helena's Newborn". Mallory and Jessica were both the sweetest and so perfect with their handling of Helena. I think I should hire them to come put her to sleep like this now. 😂

We had mimosas and king cake and lots of toys and activities for the older kids. Plus an adorable nursery for me to rock and nurse Helena to sleep. Anyway... I'll stop dragging on and let you check out the pictures. It's hard for me to pick a favorite but I think this first one might be a strong contender!

And because we were there Mardi Gras week, they through in a little carnival fun, to celebrate!

How sweet are all of these pictures? Which is your favorite? I'm trying to decide which ones to hang on our gallery wall vs. which ones to put in smaller frames around the house.

And head to Quinn Alexandra's instagram account to check out more of their work!

Birthdays; New and Old With Legacybox

This post is sponsored by Legacybox but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

One thing I missed putting on the blog during my pregnancy, was the fact that Holland turned four this February! But, since little sister came two days after Holland's birthday we had to put off any major celebrations for a while. One month to be exact.

Holland hasn't had a real, well planned birthday party since she was one. So last year when she was old enough to notice her brother and friends had these big fun gatherings, I promised her one of her own for year four! Can you imagine asking a four year old to wait an extra month after waiting patiently for an entire year! Thankfully, we had some fun distractions to pass the time. (Other than her new sister.)

I've always loved planning birthday parties. I think my favorite one from my own childhood was a tea party where my friends and I all dressed in old prom dresses from the thrift store. We thought we were super fancy! So, as Holland and I started planning out her big bash I thought it would be fun to look back on some of my favorite parties, for inspiration. Plus, the kids always get a kick out of seeing mommy and daddy when we were younger.

I had my mom grab all of our old VHS tapes from her house, so I could send them to Legacybox for converting. And I'm so very glad that I did. I chose to mail in every tape I could find that said "Brittany Birthday" plus a few other family memories and milestones.

It was so precious to see old loved ones again. And to see just how similar my children and I are. Down to the very same jokes and facial expressions. Holland especially got a kick out of seeing that I loved all of the same toys that she does. Princesses and baby dolls! 😂

The process of updating our old tapes was super easy! After ordering a kit online, Legacybox took care of absolutely everything. A prepaid shipping box showed up on our doorstep, with simple instructions and all of the labels needed to organize my tapes. (It was actually really funny to watch Holland open up the original package just to find an empty box inside.)

We labeled each of our tapes and slides with unique barcoded stickers and packed them back in the box. We attached the new pre paid shipping label and dropped it off at the UPS store. Way faster than I was expecting I got the box back with all of my original tapes + new dvds and a thumbdrive making it super easy to watch our old videos anywhere.

We had a blast going down memory lane. And Holland eventually got her big birthday bash too!

Holland and I highly recommend you indulge in some nostalgia of your own with Legacybox! And you can get 40% off if you go to their site now and use the code "CHERISH"! That's a deal you can't beat.

We Made A Tiny Human... Again.

Hello, Hello....It's been a minute. I know, I know... everytime I come back from a long hiatus I say that I'm back for good and then I disappear again. Well, I at least have a good excuse. Jamy and I were busy bringing new life into the world. So, I figured the least I could do is show and tell!

And here she is! Helena Grace Comeaux.


You probably know that our other two children are named Hudson and Holland. A lot of people think we have some obsession with New York or geographical landmarks. But we just like names that aren't in the top 20 list and we happened to fall into a H theme.

I had a ton of H names picked out for a boy, but not one for a girl. There are plenty of beautiful ones, but almost every option is extremely common or is already taken by close friends. Being a Brittany in the south, in the 90's scarred me a bit. I didn't want my kids to constantly have their last initial attached to their name.

So we threw around a few unique names: Halle, Hadley, Harlow, Henley, Halston. But, throughout the pregnancy I had been holding onto the name Helena and Jamy finally conceded in the hospital before we took her home. (We pronounce it Huh-lay-nuh).

For her middle name; I always wanted it to be Rose. But as we were driving home from a long roadtrip last month listening to worship songs, we started to discuss the beauty of the word 'Grace'. Grace is a name I've never been interested in... because, can you guess it.... it's super popular.
However, we chose it as a testament to God's grace for his people. The only reason our family exists, that our marraige is joyful, or that we make it through the toughest seasons of life is by the grace of God. My prayer for Helena Grace and her siblings is that they would always live in his grace and peace. 


Helena's due date was February 20th, but I was emotionally and physically done by January. We scheduled an induction for her due date at 3:00 am. This would be my third induction, so I was comfortable with the process and looking forward to meeting our girl.

The night before, we sent the kids home with my mom after dinner. I took a long hot bath and did all the pampering/grooming that I knew I wouldn't have a chance to do for a while. I set my alarm for 2:00 am and went to sleep.

Around 1:45 I was woken up by a painful contraction. and over the next hour as I got prepared to head to the hospital I timed them on my app to be about 3 minutes apart. When I got into my room at Labor & Delivery I was already dilated to 6 cm. So I ordered the epidural and took a quick nap. They checked me again a little after 5:00 am and my water broke from the pressure. After that it was just a matter of getting the doctor to the hospital and everything set up to start pushing. Thankfully, all three of my deliveries have been fast. Three pushes and she was here!

Hudson and Holland are both loving their new baby. Holland, especially. She is so obsessed with taking care of Helena we have to constantly keep eyes on her. I've caught her holding the baby twice without asking an adult for help. Which is especially nerve wracking when your entire house has hard stone floors!

So far, Helena has been an especially good baby, just like Holland was. She has been sleeping well and rarely fussy. (Now that I've put this on the internet, I'm sure she'll flip on me.) Truthfully, Holland is keeping me up more than Helena.

And the adjustment to three hasn't really quite happened yet. We've been blessed with a lot of support from my mom and our church family. The only hard part has really been emotional. I feel like I'm missing out on watching Hudson grow up. Kindergarten has been such an exciting transition for him so far, and I've been forced to sit back and miss out on a lot of things with him lately. And it's a weird feeling when you start to realize your first baby is growing up.

Other than that, things are settling nicely around here and I'm looking forward to life as a party of five!

 Our new Normal.

Taking It Easy In The Third Trimester

{This post is sponsored by POP SECRET® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.}

We're in the home stretch of this pregnancy and I couldn't feel more excited or more unprepared. But, I think every pregnancy must wind up that way eventually, right? I went in for my first weekly check up Friday and things are about as far along as they usually are at this point of my pregnancies. 1 1/2 cm dilated. Baby girl is in the birthing position and estimated to weigh around 5 lbs. So with these last four weeks there isn't much more on my to do list other than to relax. So, today I teamed up with POP SECRET®, to share some of my favorite ways to do just that!

Flix and Chill - An obvious favorite. Who doesn't love to binge watch their favorite show after a long day? As parents of little ones, this gets to be as close to a date night as you can get most weeks. So I honestly cherish that hour or two when I get to sit on the couch with Jamy, some snacks and our favorite true crime doc or comedy.

Hot Bath and Pod Cast - I've always been a fan of a LONG hot bath. Jamy says I like to disappear for the night, which is true but unintended. I go in there with the intention of quickly washing up and end up coming out 90 minutes later looking like a prune and with a wealth of new knowledge about current events, conspiracy theories, theology or how to better run my blog!

Coloring - Adult coloring is a trend that's been around for a few years now, but it was never one that I really got into. Until recently, that is, thanks to my little man. Hudson got an awesome art kit for Christmas and has been obsessed with family art nights. If you watched my stories last week, you probably caught a glimpse of our drawing competition and Jamy's frightening portrait of Hud. 😂

The cool thing about Hudson's art obsession is that it coincided with a period of this pregnancy where my anxiety was starting to pick back up. That particular night that I captured on my Insta stories was one where I was feeling it pretty hard. But forcing myself to sit down and just color for thirty minutes really relaxed my spirit and body! So now it's something I look forward to after a long day.

This 👆 is literally what we're doing right now as I type this blog and I couldn't be more pumped about it. What are your favorite ways to unwind and relax? Since I wrap up my day job this week I'll be looking for new ways to relax and take it easy until baby comes! However you prefer to chill out don't forget to grab some POP SECRET® to munch on as you do it! 
Head HERE to grab a box!

Creating Christmas Traditions

Hey Hey! How did you survive the shopping madness? I did my best not to spend too much money, but I did snatch a crib for the new baby and some half off clothes for the kids. Every black Friday, I wish I had saved up a little bit more to really knock out all of my Christmas Shopping. And every year, I fail. Haha. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. I'll just be doing my Christmas shopping from the couch again, this year!

I did however get to knock one thing off of my bucket list that I always wanted to do! And that was chopping down my very own Christmas Tree. Well, watching my husband and son chop down my very own Christmas tree.

I grew up in a pretty small family. I literally had no first cousins to speak of and all of my extended family was stationed miles away. Christmas was small most years as well without much fanfare. Not to say it wasn't fun and filled with the people I loved. But, I've found that the older I get, I just want to create something different for my own family. For starters, I'm grateful to have three sweet children with a growing group of cousins and family members to grow up with. But, I'm also really invested in the idea of creating traditions for my kids.

With that said, I am super excited to turn this tree hunting expedition in to a new tradition. We left church Sunday and made the 40 minute trek to Ethel, Louisiana to visit the Windy Hills Tree Farm. The drive was easy and in spite of a bit of rain right when we were taking this picture, we still had a blast! With a handful of other families pacing through mazes of evergreens and stopping for photos before picking out their favorite tree. The trees ranged in size, price and species so there was plenty to choose from. We grabbed a saw from the workers and Jamy and Hudson set to work. Within a few minutes the staff had the tree wrapped up and tied to our car while we went inside their quaint little shed for popcorn and treats. We even made it back in town just in time for lunch!

I was a bit worried that the drive would take the fun out of it for the little ones, but we played lots of word games and they enjoyed every minute. I'm thinking next year, it would be fun to bring our favorite Christmas movie to watch on the drive home!

I have some video clips to go along with these pics that I hope to get around to editing this week. But, until then, I definitely encourage you to see how far your nearest tree farm is and give it a try with your little ones!

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?